Baby Gage’s Arrival

Gage’s arrival was a bit earlier than expected.  I wasn’t due until November 3rd, but last week my blood pressure spiked and they decided I had preeclampsia, which meant that Jason and I checked into the hospital on 10/16 around 10 pm.  After getting situated they decided to start me on Magnesium.  That meant I could not get out of bed or have anything to eat but ice chips and Popsicles until 24 hours after Gage decided to make his appearance.  I did not enjoy my 3+ days on this awful drug.  I couldn’t see, hear, or concentrate correctly.  But I did eat lots of Popsicles.
After trying to induce and making little progress a doctor finally decided to do a c-section on Tuesday morning.  At 10:12 am Gage came into the world with 10 fingers and 10 toes.  While Daddy cut the cord, Mommy made a nuisance of herself by continually asking the surgical team, “How much longer?”  The answer was always 10-15 minutes.  Liars.
Gage came in at 6 pounds even and was 19 3/4  inches long.  He is doing well and is very, very sweet.  He is trying to get over jaundice right now and is on a blanket machine that makes him look like a glow worm.  Too cute.  He is being spoiled by his grandparents, who we couldn’t have done without.  And I’m convinced that I gave my son the best possible father.  Gage and I are lucky to have him.
The c-section is taking me a little longer to recover from than I thought it might.  Maybe it’s because I tried to be a tough girl and resist too many drugs.  I’m past that.  If I haven’t returned your call or email, don’t be offended.  I haven’t returned any.  I’ll be working on that soon.