Signed Book Quiz

Round 4 begins today!!  This round lasts for 13 weeks when I’ll give away 2 prizes.  I know it’s busy this week due to BBAW so I’m giving you til Sunday to submit answers 🙂  I hope any of you stopping by from BBAW will play along too.

Here are the rules… 1. Open to everyone.  Play once or every week, that’s okay.  I’m happy to have you here today.

2. No cheating.  No googling, other internet searches or looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system

3. Your first answers will be the only ones accepted.

I love autographed books.  Here are my stacks of signed copies.  All you have to do is tell me the author 1-10.  Each correct answer is worth 10 points.  Since this is the first week I chose the authors with the best penmanship (but you may have never heard of them!).

1. Ciji Ware  2. B.D. Joyce  3. Preetham Grandhi  4. Tomi Akinyanmi  5. J. Everett Prewitt  6. Bob Adamov  7. Greg Cielec  8. Christina Bartolomeo  9. MaryRose Wood  10. Vicki M. Taylor

24 thoughts on “Signed Book Quiz

  1. Nise' says:

    1. Ciji Ware
    2. B.D. Joyce
    3. P. Grandhi
    4. Tomi Akinyanmi
    5. E something ;o)
    6. Bob Adamov
    7. Greg Cielec
    8. Christina Bartolomeo
    9. Mary Rose Wood
    10. Vicki Taylor

    A couple of them I went by what they wrote hoping it tied to their title. Another fun one Stacy!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow….I have no idea. Is the picture a list of possible suspects???? Can I choose from those? That’s quite a stack of signed books…I think I have five and four are from one author!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      The first pic is of all of my signed books (I spent years as a bookstore manager and lots came from that time) and those are your choices for the answers.

  3. Kay says:

    1. Ciji Ware
    2. B.D. Joyce (Brenda Joyce)
    6. Bob Adamov
    7. Harlan Coben
    8. Christina Bartolomeo
    9. Maryrose Wood

    That’s some bad handwriting even if they are the most legible. Whew! Are they all doctors? LOL

    Best I can do for this week.

  4. Julie H. says:

    It’s neat to see so many signed books, the few I have a very special. I have only a few guesses.
    1.Ciji Ware
    2. B.D. Joyce
    3. Preetham Grandhi
    6. Bob Adamov
    8. Christina Bartholemew
    9. MaryRose Wood

  5. Calila says:

    1. Ciji Ware
    2. B.J. Joyce
    3. Ghandhi
    4. Tomi Akinyanmi
    6. Bob Adamov
    7. Greg Cielec
    8. Christina Bartolomeo
    9. Maryrose Wood

    3 days + zoom in feature and this is what I got. Fun contest Stacy!!!

  6. Bumbles says:

    Did I miss the deadline? I just got back from vacation and wanted to play but I can see all of the answers in red to the right of the photo of all the books so I guess I missed it :o(

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