Less than six weeks to go

 Jason went white water rafting in West Virginia for 4 days and my Mom came up to hang out with me while he was gone.  She was lucky enough to be here when the club I’ve been a member of for 8 years threw me a shower.  Well it was really my friend Jean hosting and Shandra helping her out.  In addition to the shower we did fun things like a luncheon with the club, book shopping, showing my Mom where the hospital was, going out for hot fudge sudaes at 10:30 pm, and a nap everyday!  Not bad, right?

Thought I’d share the latest big belly pic at the shower. I’m with my friend Karen.

I’m looking forward to getting my chin back 😉

*Can anyone see this?  I’ve tried to get the pic on here a few ways and am not sure any of them have worked.