Fave Film #8 – The Lord of the Rings trilogy

The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002), The Return of the King (2003)

Cast- Ian McKellan, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Hugo Weaving,

Directed by Peter Jackson

This trilogy, based on the fantasy books by JRR Tolkien, is based in Middle Earth in a dangerous time.  The dark lord Sauron wants to rule over Middle Earth and he must find the One Ring that can make that possible.  The wizard Gandalf, four hobbits, two men, an elf, and a dwarf form a fellowship to destroy the ring, but there are many evil forces at work and they don’t all make it to the end.

Why I love it– I think this trilogy tells the perfect story.  It is the quest for good in a world turning evil. There is betrayal, redemption, forgiveness, honor, death, love, and loyalty.  It has all of the classic themes that make a story satisfying.  Not to mention the idyllic beauty of the movie itself.  Filmed in New Zealand it definitely made me want to take a trip. 

And with the first film, so began my love affair with Aragorn or Strider.  I call him both depending on my mood.  I mean, c’mon, look at this guy.  He is the strong hero, the future king, and all hotness.

I liked the movies as a whole, although the Fellowship of the Ring was my favorite.  I loved the bond between the nine.  Frodo was the ring bearer, but the other eight were there to make sure he completed his dangerous task.  In the second and third movies the fellowship was working for the same purpose, but not together.  

I read the first of the series in college and loved it and it’s been too long for me to make a comparison, but I loved the way this came to life on the big screen.  I loved the acting, the sets, the music and the story.  I don’t watch a lot of fantasy films, but this is one I’ve watched more than once which quite a commitment since it runs 558 minutes (or 683 if I watch the extended version).