Monday Movie Meme- Dance Scenes

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
Visit The Bumbles for more dance scenes
I hope you’ll choose at least one video to watch 🙂
1. As a child of the 80’s this is right at the top.  The Thriller dance from 13 Going on 30.
2. A real 80’s selection.  Ducky in Pretty in Pink.
3. My sexy choice.  Baby finally gets to do a little Dirty Dancing of her own!
4. My romantic choice.  Sandra and Keanu in The Lake House.
5. A sweet choice from an old favorite.  The Sound of Music.

15 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme- Dance Scenes

  1. Susan says:

    Love Mark Ruffalo, love Jon Cryer’s hair, love Baby, love Sandy, love the sound of music from the Sound of Music. My Sandy pick would have been her dance with Harry Connick in Hope Floats. Watched it a hundred times.

  2. Kathleen A. Ryan says:

    OMG…you picked some smash-hits!
    I wasn’t aware of the 13 going on 30 or Pretty in Pink, I’ve never gotten around to seeing either. Dirty Dancing ~ that goes without saying!
    The Lake House one is so romantic, and such a great tune they chose for the scene. My husband and I love that movie.
    The Sound of Music is a fun choice. I own the DVD, but I can’t help but watch it whenever it shows up on TV. I love Edelweiss ~ I cry every time I watch it!

    Here are my choices:

  3. Kathy says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scene from The Lake House! I have it on my blog’s sidebar under the title… I could watch this everyday. I definitely could!

  4. christina says:

    OK. I totally heart Ducky! Good choice. Seriously.

    Aaannnddd…can you believe I’ve never seen Sound of Music **but** know the song that you chose. LOL.

  5. Bumbles says:

    Bermuda Onion is not alone – Fame was the first one Andy thought of – but our list got too long so we left it off – I’m shocked I haven’t seen it mentioned!

    I saved Dirty Dancing just for you ;0)

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