Limitations, by Scott Turow

Limitations by Scott Turow: CD Audiobook CoverFinished audio 5-9-10, rating 4/5, Legal Mystery, pub. 2006

This was originally published as a serial in the Sunday New York Times Magazine.  Turow added material and published it in book form.

George Mason is the main character of this legal thriller and his first appearance was in Turow’s Personal Injuries, which I’ve never read but still really enjoyed this one.  Mason is an appellate judge and he is in the middle of deciding  a high-profile rape case that reminds him of an indiscretion of his 40 years before, his wife is battling cancer and he is receiving death threats both at work and at home.  George Mason has a lot on his plate. 

I liked his indecision over the rape case and how it related to his college days.  It made him see the boys convicted in a light that most of us would never entertain and I thought that was the most compelling part of the story.  But ultimately the story hinges on the death threats and who wants the judge dead and I found the culprit to be a satisfying one.  I mean, I didn’t really suspect him or her but it made some sense at the end. 

I think because this story was originally a magazine serial it didn’t really focus enough attention on every aspect of the story.  I wish his wife’s illness had been integrated a little more, but that is  a small complaint.  I found the story to be thought-provoking and a good thriller.

I checked this audio book out of the library and Jason and I listened to it on our trip to and from my parent’s house for Mother’s Day.  Read by Stephen Lang.