Morning Sickness and My Google Reader

I have spent the better part of the last 2 months on the couch or sleeping too much in bed due to the never-ending awfulness that is morning sickness.  Some women are fortunate enough to never experience it.  That’s not me.  Anyway, for the first time in those 2 months, I felt human for a WHOLE DAY!  That was yesterday (today is another story, but let’s stick with the positive). 

I was able to spend a few hours at the computer and for the first time since I got back from San Francisco in early March MY GOOGLE READER IS UNDER 1000 POSTS!!  Okay, it’s at 957, but I have to start somewhere.  I cannot Mark All As Read.  It’s a personal defect, I know, but I might miss something!  I’m hoping to get it to under 100 by the time we leave for France. 

Speaking of that on Tuesday will be the last quiz for this round and I’ll announce two winners Wednesday night, so be sure to get your answers in early.  I’ll be bringing the gifts for the winners back from France.  We’ll be going to the French Open, so if the winner is a tennis fan maybe I could kidnap Rafe Nadal 🙂 

You won’t want to miss my posts while I’m gone.  I’m giving away books every day 🙂 

If I check my Reader right now there better not be 1000+ posts already!

25 thoughts on “Morning Sickness and My Google Reader

  1. Kay says:

    Stacy, I’m so glad you had a day free of nausea. That is so tough to go through. When I was pregnant, as long as I kept food in my stomach, I wasn’t nauseated. Not a lot of food, just some. I know I was lucky in that regard.

    You are so sweet to bring gifts back from your trip. I hope you have a marvelous time. Truly.

  2. Melissa says:

    I can’t hit Mark All As Read either. Just … can’t. I do, however, do this on occasion for some blogs (Mashable, Politics Daily) that post multiple times per day. I’ll always skim the subject lines first, though.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon and enjoy your trip!

  3. sally906 says:

    Oh dear – you poor thing. Our oldest daughter had her first baby in March – she was sick virtually from conception and was still hurling in delivery (I know I was there)HOWEVER – she has the sweetest most placid little boy you’d ever want to meet. he sleeps for 6 hours straight at night, and then snoozes on and off most of the day – he wakes up about 3 pm and insists on being the centre of attention until 9 – 10 pm, but thats ok – as he rarely cries – just a little cry when he is hungry or wants to be picked up – other than that he just coos and smiles. Is almost like he is making up for causing mummy to be so sick while pregnant.

  4. bermudaonion says:

    I’m so glad you’re starting to feel human again! I say you should hit that “Mark All As Read” button – that’s what it’s for. You won’t miss anything. Take care of yourself!!

  5. jennygirl says:

    My co-worker had a similiar problem with the morning sickness. Hers unfortunately was all day sickness. She kicked it eventually and made up for lost time 🙂

    Hang in there pumpkin and if I don’t talk to you, travel safe 🙂

  6. Staci says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! Remember not to eat too many snickers as they do have a way of sneaking up on you with the weight and before you know it your doctor is telling you that he is going to put you on a diet..wait, that is what the doctor told me 19 years ago with my first pregnancy!! 😀

    Enjoy this time in your life and don’t worry about that crazy Google Reader thingy!!!

    Here’s hoping that the morning sickness is past!!

  7. Marg says:

    I really hate pressing Mark All as Read, although there are times when I end up doing it! Hope that this is the beginning of the end of the morning sickness for you.

  8. diaryofaneccentric says:

    Hope the morning sickness passes soon. I never had morning sickness, but I had evening sickness. It sucked having to drag myself out of bed to run to the bathroom.

    I say the “mark all as read” button is there for a reason. I keep trying to catch up from my recent hiatus, but there’s no such thing as catching up with Google Reader.


  9. Teddyree says:

    I’m feeling for you Stacy, morning sickness or all day/everyday sickness as it is known by many is just awful. Hope you are feeling heaps better soon and can enjoy this special time 🙂

  10. Jenners says:

    I’m so glad the sickness seems to have passed (keeping my fingers crossed for you). And you really do need to go easier on yourself with your blog reading!!!! You’re going to have a baby soon and I hate to break it to you, you aren’t going to be able to keep up with it all so start easing up now! : )

    Have such a good time in France!!! That is so cool!

  11. Melody says:

    Morning sickness sucks! I was lucky that I didn’t get those during my two pregnancy. I hope they will go away soon, Stacy.

    Have fun and hope you have a wonderful trip in France! 🙂

  12. Jennifer Rayment says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip, my niece went last year and loved it. Now as for morning sickness I didn’t have any with my first born and he was born with Spina Bifida. I had horrendous morning sickness with my second and he DOESN”T have Spina Bifida, so these days I consider morning sickness as a blessing — that being said, I sure as hell didn’t think that at the time when I projectile vomited while camping ; )

  13. Heather says:

    My google reading is beyond crazy long! he he. So glad you were able to feel human for at least one day. I remember just being really, really tired and nauseated, but not actual vomiting! My second trimester was the best. So I hope you can enjoy your time in France! So jealous!

  14. Bumbles says:

    #1 – the Mark All As Read button is liberating. I did it once after returning from a trip and felt soooo guilty even thinking about using it. But then I realized I just didn’t have enough time to read them all and live my life so I decided to erase them all. Freedom!!! So what if I missed out on something? It can’t have been all that important anyway or it would have come up again later. So hit that damn button already.

    #2 – I have nothing to suggest for morning sickness. I have known women who have been so ill during their pregnancy that they actually lost weight. Others have been stuck with bed rest for months. Some have combatted naseau by grazing on snacks throughout the day. And then there are those who think pregnancy is wonderful because they never puked, delivered early and avoided overly swollen feet or fingers and lost all the weight within weeks. They all have one thing in common though – they are proud mothers to loving children. You’ll join their ranks soon enough.

    #3 – If you can ship Rafa to Boston I would forever be indebted. Andy might have an issue with it but we’ll just worry about that later.

  15. Wrighty says:

    So sorry about the dreaded morning sickness! I was fortunate to not have much of that but I did have terrible migraines early and late in my 3 pregnancies. I hope you”re feeling much better. For most people it doesn’t last the whole time and the end results are soooo worth the effort! 🙂

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip! I agree with the relief you feel when you just delete all the backlog in your Google Reader. Feel free to give yourself a break if you choose!

  16. mari says:

    More good days will come.
    You know, I hate to do it but I have been hitting that “Mark as read” button quite a bit lately. I am so behind reading up on everyone’s blogs.

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