You Choose 50 of the Books I read in 2010

UPDATE – Voting Closed.  Results are here.

So, a few weeks ago I came up with this really great idea of letting the readers decide 50 of the books that I read next year.  They had to be from my over 300 books and each person can only vote for 5.  When the first few votes came in it was fun.  Then a few more came in, still fun, but began to wonder what I had gotten myself into.  The next day I began to think that I hadn’t really thought this whole thing through.  It’s almost 2 weeks and 62 voters later and I have embraced the challenge.  I mean what’s not to love about having to read War & Peace? 

There is still time to vote!  Please stop by my post and peruse my titles and vote for up to 5. If you click on each of the pictures they will enlarge for easier viewing. I am committed to reading the top 50 vote getters (if there’s a tie I will choose which ones to read).  I am out of town until Tuesday, but when I get back I will choose one participant to win a $20 B&N gift card.  Actually, Jason will choose randomly.

So, if you haven’t voted already, please do.  The more votes I have the better chance that my 2010 reading list will be awesome 🙂  You have until Tuesday evening.

Go here to look at the titles and vote.  See you all Tuesday 🙂  Right now A Prayer for Owen Meany and She’s Come Undone are the top vote getters with 10 votes apiece.

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