Patrick Swayze Was In That? Quiz

Last week Patrick Swayze lost his courageous battle with cancer.  For this week’s quiz I’ve listed 9 of his characters in the order that I like them  best.  Can you identify the movie?  Leave a comment telling me the # and the name of the movie.  No Googling – that’s cheating and no fun!

To get you in the mood I want to include a link to one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits ever.  Enjoy!

1. Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing Wrighty

2. Sam Wheat – Ghost Wrighty

3. Bodhi – Point Break – rosarot67

4. Derek Sutton – Youngblood – rosarot67

5. Jed – Red Dawn – nfmgirl

6. Vida – To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar – Laura

7. Darrel Curtis – The Outsiders – rosarot67

8. Truman Gates – Next of KinOrrymain

9. Dalton – Road House Wrighty

12 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze Was In That? Quiz

  1. Wrighty says:

    I love your quizzes and I love Patrick Swayze! I was so heart-broken that he passed away. I’ve seen most of his movies but I can’t remember all of the characters. I think I have the easy ones though!
    #1 – Dirty Dancing *sigh*
    #2 – Ghost *sigh*
    #5 – North and South
    #9 – Roadhouse

    Your sighs match mine.

  2. rosarot67 says:

    1. Johnny Castle — Dirty Dancing

    2. Sam Wheat — Ghost

    3. Bodhi — Point Break

    4. Derek Sutton — Youngblood

    5. Jed — Grandview

    6. Vida — Thanks for everything

    7. Darrel Curtis — Outsiders

    8. Truman Gates — Next of Kin

    9. Dalton — Road House

  3. Laura's Reviews says:

    #6 is To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
    #8 – Donnie Darko?

    My favorite role was actually not on this list. . . Orry Main from North and South!

    I really need to watch North & South! And I just checked Donnie Darko out from the library.

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