Fave Film #23 – Ever After


Cast- Drew Barrymore, Dougray Scott, Angelica Huston

This is a  romantic retelling of the fairytale Cinderella as the great great great granddaughter of the real Cinderella wants to set the record straight.  Danielle was a tomboy who never knew her mother and loved her father, and was excited by the prospect of a new mother and sisters.  When her father dies she becomes a servant to her new family.  After a few chance encounters with the Prince of France Danielle begins to hope that there could be a future for her that did not include cooking breakfast for her evil stepmother.

Why I love it – I am a sucker for romance and this one touched me when I first saw it at the theater and again when I dragged my husband to see it too (we were newly married and I probably would not try that now 11 years later 🙂 )  I thought Drew Barrymore was wonderful as Cinderella.  She was sweet, sympathetic, fiery, and brave.  And Angelica Huston as the evil stepmother was fantastic!  The casting of these two was perfect as was the rest of the supporting cast.  Prince Henry was a cutie and he won my heart when he took Danielle to a library for a date.

The casting was great, but I equally liked the retelling of the fairytale, full of strong women and the magical Leonardo da Vinci.  Although Danielle was the servant, it was Henry who would have to make sacrifices to marry her and the only power she had was over own mind.  She was a tough and vulnerable Cinderella.

Why did I watch this last night?  My husband and I watched the season premiere of House this week (yea, he’s back!) and his doctor was very familiar to me.  I didn’t know who she was but I kept waiting for her to turn evil.  About halfway through I yelled out, “That’s the evil stepsister!”  And it was, Megan Dodds.  As I watched the movie again I was amazed by how good she was at playing crazy.

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