A relaxing week at the lake followed by a heartbreaking football loss

We went to Kelley’s Island, Ohio on Monday with my parents for the week.  We love it there (more info here).  Here was the view from the deck of the condo we rented…ki view from deck

Kelley’s Island is a hidden gem in my opinion.  It’s only four miles across, but there are so many walking trails and even a small beach that it feels bigger when you explore.  This is the third time we’ve gone there and it won’t be the last.  Here are a few photos from around the small island…ki boatski me & jason on beach

ki sunsetSo after a peaceful week surrounded by Lake Erie we took the ferry back to the mainland and headed down to Columbus for a little football game.  I’m a Buckeye alum and I get two football tickets a year and lucked out getting these seats to the biggest game of the year, #3 at #8…osu-usc footballIt was so loud and the Bucks were leading with less than two minutes to go, but then something bad happened.  We lost.   It was a good game and I can’t believe I have any voice left.  It was great to be on campus again and I was thrilled that the crowd was as loud as they were the whole game.   We got back at 2:30 this morning. 

A great week with a not so great end.