Words Behind the Pictures Challenge

I have decided to join another challenge.  Yes, I a currently in 3, but I’m confident I can finish them all!  Michael is hosting this fun challenge and I look forward to reading a medium that I’ve never tried before.  Screenplays!  I love reading and I love movies, so this sounds like a perfect challenge to me.

Words Behind The Pictures Challenge

The first Saturday of every month, from September, 2009, through to August, 2010, an electronic copy of one screenplay will be made available through this blog.

The goal is to read the screenplay and then watch the movie before the end of that month and comment on what you’ve experienced.

The more screenplays you get through, the stronger you are as a reading challenger, but you only need to do one month to consider yourself to have completed this challenge.

Of course, the more months you complete, the more chances you’ll have for winning a collection of screenplays I’ll be awarding to one random participant in August, 2010.

So, why not join me in trying something new.  Head on over the A Few Minutes With Michael and sign up.

10 thoughts on “Words Behind the Pictures Challenge

  1. Michael says:

    Looks like there’s a tie in the voting for September’s screenplay. I’ll let the voting go through the end of today, and if it is still tied, I’ll use the ultra-scientific method of tossing a coin to decide.

  2. Wanda says:

    This sounds like such a cool challenge! I get awful “eye-aches” if I overdo computer time so I’ll be sitting on the sidelines reading reviews instead. Do you plan to do each one or do you have a smaller goal in mind?

  3. Mon says:

    Hi there, just stumbled across your blog. Wow this is an interesting challenge as I rarely read screenplays. I’m going ovr there to consider it.

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