Plum Spooky, by Janet Evanovich

Cover ImageFinished 2-13-09, rating 3.5/5, mystery, pub. 2009

Elmer came back to the table, and Grandma trotted in with coffee and half an apple pie.  She served the coffee and pie, and Elmer reached for the cream and farted.


Flames shot out of Elmer’s ass, set his pants on fire, and ignited the upholstered seat on the cherrywood side chair.  Elmer jumped up and dropped his pants, drawers and all.

“Holy crap,” my father said.  “That smells like the slaughterhouse burned down.”

Chapter 22

This Between-the Numbers Stephanie Plum novel was a welcome surprise.  I have complained about the first two being too short in length, humor, and plot, but this one was fun and funny.  And it was just long enough to make it feel worth my time.

Diesel, the mysterious, world travelling, superpower infused hunk of a bounty hunter, is back in Stephanie’s life and bed.  The two are searching for geeky nerd Munch and ice-cold murderer Wulf.  The chase leads them to New Jersey’s Pine Barrens where any number of kooky characters live.  Carl the monkey joins them and spends most of the book playing video games and flipping people his middle finger. 

Diesel is front and center and Lula is spandex deep in her wedding plans to Tank.  Both Ranger and Joe were minor players, but I was okay with that, because I do get tired of Stephanie being in love with them both.   It did maybe lack a little romance.

This book had a farting theme.  Lula sneezed and farted most of the way through and then Elmer the Fire Farter takes the stage to catch things on fire with his rear end gas. 

And there were losts of monkeys.  I actually kind of liked Carl in this one.  There was a scene with him eating mashed potatoes at the Plum dining room table that had me laughing out loud. 

I liked this book more than some of the more recent Stephanie Plum books and would recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit of wacky in their mysteries.  Or anyone who likes monkeys.  And farts.


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3 thoughts on “Plum Spooky, by Janet Evanovich

  1. Robin says:

    Wonderful quote. I about choked on the potato chip I was eating. I’ve just started getting into Evanovich. Will read this one eventually.

    Evanovich will do that to ya.

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