Plum Spooky, by Janet Evanovich

Cover ImageFinished 2-13-09, rating 3.5/5, mystery, pub. 2009

Elmer came back to the table, and Grandma trotted in with coffee and half an apple pie.  She served the coffee and pie, and Elmer reached for the cream and farted.


Flames shot out of Elmer’s ass, set his pants on fire, and ignited the upholstered seat on the cherrywood side chair.  Elmer jumped up and dropped his pants, drawers and all.

“Holy crap,” my father said.  “That smells like the slaughterhouse burned down.”

Chapter 22

This Between-the Numbers Stephanie Plum novel was a welcome surprise.  I have complained about the first two being too short in length, humor, and plot, but this one was fun and funny.  And it was just long enough to make it feel worth my time.

Diesel, the mysterious, world travelling, superpower infused hunk of a bounty hunter, is back in Stephanie’s life and bed.  The two are searching for geeky nerd Munch and ice-cold murderer Wulf.  The chase leads them to New Jersey’s Pine Barrens where any number of kooky characters live.  Carl the monkey joins them and spends most of the book playing video games and flipping people his middle finger. 

Diesel is front and center and Lula is spandex deep in her wedding plans to Tank.  Both Ranger and Joe were minor players, but I was okay with that, because I do get tired of Stephanie being in love with them both.   It did maybe lack a little romance.

This book had a farting theme.  Lula sneezed and farted most of the way through and then Elmer the Fire Farter takes the stage to catch things on fire with his rear end gas. 

And there were losts of monkeys.  I actually kind of liked Carl in this one.  There was a scene with him eating mashed potatoes at the Plum dining room table that had me laughing out loud. 

I liked this book more than some of the more recent Stephanie Plum books and would recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit of wacky in their mysteries.  Or anyone who likes monkeys.  And farts.


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“I live in a one-bedroom, one-bath, unremarkable apartment in a three-story brick box of a building on the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey.  Usually I live alone with my hamster Rex, but at eight-thirty this morning, my roommate list was enlarged to include Carl the Monkey.”

Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich, page 1


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Stephanie Plum cast

As I was surfing around last night I came across videos and websites devoted to choosing the perfect cast for Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.  I’ve read all of the books and had a fun time looking at everyone’s choices.  I thought I’d make my own picks.

Stephanie Plum- Sandra Bullock and Lauren Graham would also have been good, but both may be 5 years too late, so I’m going with Anne Hathaway or Jamie Lynn Siglar.

Joe Morelli is a tough one, but I’d be happy with Josh Duhamel or Bobby Cannavale.

Ranger is a tougher choice, but both Adam Rodriquez and Shamar Moore have potential.

As for Lula, it is MoNique all the way.

As for the rest of the cast of misfits…

Connie- Debi Mazur

Tank – Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)

Mrs. Plum – Joy Behar

Mr. Plum – James Gandolfini

Grandma – Cloris Leachman

Valerie – Rachel McAdams

Sally Sweet – Russel Brand

Cousin Vinnie – Steve Buscemi

Have you read the series?  Who would you choose?  And if you haven’t read the series, what are you waiting for?

Fearless Fourteen, by Janet Evanovich

Cover ImageFinished 7-17-08, rating 3.5/5, fiction, pub. 2008

Stephanie Plum is back with her crazy assortment of cohorts.  Ranger needs Stephanie for a bodyguard gig and Morelli needs her for mother duty.  Ranger’s job introduces her to an aging singer way past her prime and the singer’s stalker who follows Stephanie home.  Morelli is stuck with Zook, who may or may not be his son and needs Stephanie’s help until they can find his mother.  Everyone is town thinks that 9 million dollars is buried at Morelli’s house and the town crazies (including Grandma Mazur) show up with a shovel.  Lula proposes to herself and Tank faints, while Morelli might mention marriage to Stephanie.

I have been disappointed with the series for more than a few books now, but this book made me happy to have Stephanie back.  It was good to see some character growth.  Although I missed Ranger and the chemistry between them I thought Stephanie’s relationship with Morelli was sweet and sexy.  And I loved the storyline of Lula and Tank’s engagement, priceless.  This book was the best one in awhile and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks

Cover ImageFinished 5-6-08, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2007

I love Janet Evanovich, but sometimes she tries to make the characters  so unique and entertaining that they just end up being ridiculous.  So, when I was introduced to Pugg in Chapter One I was prepared to ignore his antics, but a wonderful thing happened.  I really enjoyed the other characters and the story so much that by the end I sorta even liked Pugg.

Cate is from a loving family and she is going to school to become a teacher.  She is subletting a room from Marty, a cross dressing singer when bad things begin to happen.  There are weird hang-ups, annoying visitors, and Marty’s disappearance to contend with and that’s before the guard dog, Beast shows up at her door.  At the bar where she bartends she meets Kellen and is unwillingly drawn to him as he begins to charm her.  Circumstances arise that throw Cate and Kellen together and a whirlwind love affair begins.

This was a fun and fast read and I really liked it.  I loved Beast and Cate’s family.  It made for a very enjoyable few hours.

Plum Lucky, by Janet Evanovich

Cover ImageFinished 1-19-08, rating 2.5/5, fiction, pub. 2008

I’m not sure why I continue to read the Stephanie Plum novels, especially these missives she calls “Between-the Numbers.”  This one is a mere 166 pages.  I fell in love with bounty hunter Stephanie in her first novel, One For the Money, and followed her through many zany adventures.  Somewhere around the sixth book the novels became a cartoon of their earlier versions.

Okay, Plum Lucky.  Stephanie receives a visit from her Between-the Novels pal, Diesel, and her Grandmother finds over a million dollars that she claims as her own.  There is also a leprechaun, a horse, ex-hooker Lula, and a shootout with a rocket launcher.  This book is almost all dialogue and very little little heart. 

So, why did I bother if I am no longer enjoying the Plum novels?  Because yesterday when I stopped by the library they gave it to me.  And I read it because it was too short not to.