Starts with “H”

These meme has been making the rounds and I finally decided to participate, so Heather at Book Addiction assigned me the letter H.  I am to list 10 things that I love that begin with the letter H.  Not too hard, right?  Well, let’s see…

1.  My Husband Jason is #1, of course!  He is my best friend and makes me strive to be a better person.  And he’s pretty much the best husband ever.

2. Hugs. Love ’em.  If I’ve met you more than once and haven’t seen you in awhile – expect a hug.

3. Home.  I love the home Jason and I have made for ourselves and I love going home to my parents’ house.  When I say home I could be talking about either one of these places. 

4. Holidays.  Thanksgiving is my favorite, but I enjoy Christmas and New Year’s as well.  I think Veteran’s Day is important to recognize and all veterans should get this day off work, no matter what their job is!

5. Hot tub.  Jason surprised me by buying a hot tub a few years back – while I was out of town.  I thought it was an unnecessary extravagance.  Now I think it is a de-stress necessity.

6. Hair color products.  I had gray hairs around 20, so hair color has been an important part of my life for awhile.  Actually, I’m going in today for color and highlights.

7. Herbal Tea.  This is pretty much the only healthy liquid I like (since coffee, Diet Coke, and wine are not considered healthy in excess).  Right now I’m loving Jasmine white tea.

8. Honesty.  Don’t tell me my butt looks fat in my favorite jeans, but everything else I can handle (and appreciate!).

9. Hats.  I wish I had more.  I own more handbags, but I wish I had more hats!

10. Half-Priced Books and any other bookstore.  I’m trying hard to avoid them because I need to read what I already own, but I’m not that successful!

Well, that wasn’t too bad.  If any of you want to try it  leave a comment and I can assign you a letter!