What I Did for Love, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Cover ImageFinished 2-20-09, rating 3.5/5, romance, pub. 2009

She dropped the tabloid and turned to flee, but they’d trapped her.  She tried to back up, but they were behind her, in front of her, surrounding her with their hot strobes and heartless shouts.  Their smell clogged her nostrils – sweat, cigarettes, acrid cologne.  Someone stepped on her foot.  An elbow caught her in the side.  They pressed closer, stealing her air, suffocating her… (Chapter 1)

Georgie York grew up in front of the camera becoming the darling of sitcom tv.  Her life in the eight years since has become a circus.  She married Lance, a hugely successful action star, and he left her for the icy do-gooder, Jade.  He spread lies after their break-up, but his betrayal only cemented Georgie’s title of America’s sweetheart.  But her movies have tanked and she has become a paparazzi magnet, making her life a game of cat and mouse.

Bram had spent eight miserable years rescuing Georgie from thorny situations, but his days of playing gallant Skip Scofield to Georgie’s spunky Scooter Brown were long behind him.  This time Scooter Brown could save her own ass – or, more likely, wait around for Daddy to do it. (Chapter 1)

Bram Shepard was wildly popular when he and Georgie played Skip and Scooter, but he had ruined that opportunity with drinking, drugs, and a sex tape.  Now, he received only small offers in B movies and he was trying to find a way to reform himself in the eyes of studio execs who didn’t trust him.

Georgie and Bram hated each other, but a few drugged drinks, a marriage certificate, and a sleazy paparazzi forced them to come to terms with each other, literally.  Georgie could not endure another scandalous marriage so soon after Lance, so she made a deal with the devil.  Bram would stay married  to Georgie for a hefty fee and use her to gain respectability.

There are great secondary characters in this book.  Georgie’s father, Paul, appears heartless and his slow thaw was a wonderful story.  I loved Bram’s young cook, Chaz, and Georgie’s confidence lacking assistant, Aaron.  The only problem may have been that at times they, especially Chaz, overshadowed Georgie and Bram.

Anyone who knows the Brad, Jen, Angelina story will recognize it here.  And if you need last names you may not be interested in this celebrity culture story.  I think the story is very current in that that tabloid reporters are taking greater and more dangerous steps to get the money shot, and it was interesting to see it from the other side. 

I have read every one of Phillips’ books and while I really liked this one it was not my favorite.  Bram and Georgie had chemistry and sass, but the end became sentimental mush.  I think she’s great, but if you have never read her, this is not the book to start with.