This Week – Snow in May

Fave pic  PRUH1906 Our backyard last Sunday.

Highlights of the week   Gage had a very busy calendar for Friday.  Google chats with his reading group, math group, and homeroom class with a Zoom Lego camp class squeezed in there somewhere.  And then we had Grandma over for dinner.  His bedtime was an hour ago but I still hear him running around upstairs so he’s still flying high.

We got some new, much needed, deck furniture a few days ago.  Now if only it would warm up so we could use it.

A neighbor misses our library and reached out to see if I had any books she could read.   Who among us could resist spending happy time scouring our shelves for just the right thing?  Honestly, I have loaned out and mailed out so many books in the last month or so that I’m actually running low!  The horror!

Why?  So, we had snow in May.  In. May.  I just can’t.  Honestly, the sunny days outside in the yard are the only thing making this lockdown somewhat normal and today the snow.  Maybe tomorrow and Sunday too.  It’s too depressing to even talk about anymore.

Finished reading A Study in Scarlet Women (Lady Sherlock… review

Currently reading The Birth of Jesus According to the Gos… The Starless Sea

Currently listening A Conspiracy in Belgravia I’m loving this series!

Movies Seen  Atomic Blonde poster.jpg

Currently watching  We finally let Gage watch Survivor with us and he loves it.  Next week is the finale and it should be a good one.  We started the second season of Bosch too.

My Favorite Movies #29 – Psycho

New Recipe a Day posts 

Plans for the weekend  A trip to Whole Foods today and spending some time with my mom tomorrow.

I’m linking up with the Sunday Salon.