This Week – What Week Is It?

Fave pic IMG_E4182 from Mother’s Day last week.  My mother and the boy who made me a mother.  We have had limited visits with my parents, usually for a few hours once a week.  They are retired and at home and we are at home except for a few necessities like Gage’s school work pick up and drop off, grocery store every 2-3 weeks, and occasionally the post office.  Jason will go back to his office downtown twice a week starting June 1 and we might have to re-evaluate, but by then outside visiting will be easier to do so I think we can still make it work.

Highlights of the week  Mother’s Day was lovely.  I got to sleep in and then coffee, cards, and a few gifts in bed. My mom came over and Jason went and picked up Dewey’s pizza for us.  I love that I can get gluten free crust with the pizza I love, Ryan’s Inferno.

We got the rest of our deck furniture AND had a few nice days this week to enjoy it 🙂

We’ve started using the composter we’ve had for years and Gage likes to be the one to take out our daily scraps.  One household task he doesn’t complain about, yay!

Books finished Not a one 😦  Keeping Gage off the screens has taken more effort lately.  Not to mention my new recipe a day challenge also takes extra time.

In the mail IMG_E4222 I found out that a friend from the library has written books!  He generously sent me these two and I’m excited to take a look at them this week.  And he has the best last name, right?

Currently reading  The Birth of Jesus According to the Gos… (Not what I was expecting, but more of a history of the Bible and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and I’ve learned so much)  The Starless Sea Still in the early chapters but it’s interesting.

Currently listening A Conspiracy in Belgravia I’m finding ways to listen to a little bit of this every day.

My review of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Movies The Rocket Poster The soundtrack was great, story good, but the acting outside of two main characters was cringeworthy.

Currently watching We let Gage stay up until 11 this week to watch the finale of Survivor and that was fun for him.  I think the right person won.  We’re still working on season 2 of Bosch.

New Recipe a Day Challenge.  You can follow my other blog that’s full of monthly challenges, but I’m linking to this one post here because I loved these waffles so much 🙂

Plans for the Weekend  Ohio has opened retail and outside seating at restaurants with more to open next week.  As much as I have appreciated our governor’s response so far I feel like he is rushing to reopen everything by June.  We don’t plan on changing anything here for at least a few more weeks and then we can evaluate again.  What about you?