This Week – Lock Down, day 1,792

Fave Pic IMG_3912 We went by a friend’s house for his birthday and it was nice to see some fresh faces, even if it was through a glass door.

Highlights I used Instacart AND got a Whole Foods delivery this week.  While I didn’t get everything I wanted for Gage I got enough that I can avoid the grocery stores for another few weeks.

We also went on a bear hunt.  In our community people put teddy bears in their windows for the kids to find when they were walking by.  I saw online that some people had started to put eggs in windows too, so we decided to get in the car and drive around our town.  Gage kept a tally and, while we were out in the quiet streets we saw the Easter Bunny getting into the bed of a pickup truck.  He waved and made our day.

Another morning I was looking out our kitchen window and saw a wild turkey running through our yard.  That was a new one.  While we’re all inside the wildlife is taking over 🙂

Reviewed Before I Go To Sleep

Books Read The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Wa…  Oh man, I cried for 15 minutes around the 330 pages mark and I’m still sad about it.  But I loved the book.

Currently Reading American Dirt

Movies Watched Smart people.jpg I really liked this one.  Before i go to sleep poster.jpgI wrote a post comparing it to the book.

March’s Movies and $ for Charity

Watching on the Small Screen Survivor and Ozark season 3 have been our go to shows this week.

Puzzles Finished IMG_3915

Do you have a movie that you like better than the book? 

Weekend plans Day drinking now that I’m not a teacher/mother/chef/maid for every waking moment?  I set up Gage and Jason with a STEM project that my cousin sent and I’ve added some Bailey’s to my morning coffee 🙂

16 thoughts on “This Week – Lock Down, day 1,792

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s so sad that we have to see our friends that way but I guess it’s better than nothing. I sure do miss getting together with my friends!

    Our neighborhood is doing the bear hunt, too, and I think even the adults are enjoying it.

    I’m already working on my next Instacart grocery delivery. My last shopper told me Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days so I’ve got it scheduled for Tuesday.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      It’s sad that the kids who have birthdays right now will not get to have birthday parties or spend real time with friends and family, but this too shall pass. Our friend is rescheduling his party for later in the year so he’ll get 2 birthdays!

      When we got back from our bear hunt Gage immediately drew, cut out and colored eggs for our windows.

      Instacart is so easy and affordable, but I wish they went to more stores. I was happy to get a Whole Foods delivery even though they don’t offer everything I need. Still better than going to the store the next few weeks!

  2. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    It’s sad that the only way we can get together with other humans is with a barrier between us. It’s terribly difficult for my 93-year-old dad who is crazy about people. We’ve gone to visit him, but stayed outside and sat far apart. It’s very hard with children, too. The bear hunt sounds like great fun. I miss my grandchildren so much and they just live a few miles away.

    We have been ordering groceries from Walmart and Kroger for a couple of weeks now. No toilet paper. I have now ordered seven times on Amazon and nothing has yet arrived. If everything comes in, I’ll have enough to share with my extended family who is in the same boat.

    I’m glad you loved the Patrick Ness book so much. I think I will add it to my wish list.

    Please stay safe and healthy, Stacy.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I think the Ness books are YA since they are written from the perspective of a 14 year old so they might fit in with your children’s lit theme.
      We are good on toilet paper and paper towels for another week or so. That would be the one thing that would get me out into the stores if it comes to that,
      It’s good that you can still spend time time with your dad, even at a distance. Stay well!

  3. Literary Feline says:

    We took part in the bear hunt too. I noticed a couple of the neighbors in our cul de sac also recently put bears in their windows. 🙂 Maggie decorated a couple of paper eggs earlier in the week and put them in a front window. I think these are fun ideas, not just for the kids but for the entire community. A little light of unity during this difficult time. I don’t think I can convince my husband to try Instacart or another similar service no matter how hard I try. It’s his one time of getting out of the house these days, and so I can’t really blame him.

    I don’t know about a movie I’ve liked better than a book off hand, but I do know I like the television series (at least the early seasons) of Vampire Diaries much better than I liked the first book in the series (the only one I read–I hated it).

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Ness’s novel. I loved the entire trilogy. It cried a lot when I read it.

    Mouse is in the middle of her musical theater class right now. She’s not liking having to take her dance classes on Zoom. I know it’s not the same. 😦

    I hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy your coffee with a dash of Bailey’s. I’m really close to starting drinking–and I don’t drink alcohol at all. Haha. Stay safe and well.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      The bear/egg hunt did make me feel closer to my neighbors. We found out by out tally and comparing the areas of our city that we lived in the area with the least number of bears/eggs found. So we need to make our house extra eggy 🙂
      I understand Marty wanting the time to himself, I usually feel the same way. Only right now I’m anxious about it all enough to give up a few trips if I can. As long as I have wine for after Gage goes to bed I’m good, lol.
      Gage has only started Google hangout with his class. He’s going to start his piano lessons again, but I think they’ll just be videos for now, It’s a learning curve. It’s great that Mouse can stay connected to her class.
      Stay well!

  4. Diane says:

    How sweet to distance visit Gage’s friend. My daughter’s 2 girls will be 6 and 8 this month (4 days apart) and both are sad that they cannot have grandparents and friends. My daughter is trying to do a Zoom celebration sometime this month.

    We haven’t been in a store in 3 weeks – grocery delivery every 2 weeks and CVS drive through if needed. We only go out for walks.

    Stay safe Stacy

    • stacybuckeye says:

      A friend mentioned on Facebook that they were participating in a drive by parade for one of her son’d friends. I love that idea! Such a hard time for kids to be celebrating without their friends and family.
      I think I may do a Walgreens drive through for a few things this week. Jason and I both went to a store 2 weeks ago and I think we can make it at least another week or two. But even for someone who likes to stay home it’s getting harder every day, especially for Gage. But, I love the extra time together and am glad I’m with my family. Stay well!

  5. Becki says:

    I think day drinking is really the way through all this. LOL Except I ran out of caffeine free mixers. But is there a difference between day and night anymore? I sleep when I’m tired 🙂 Hang in there! We’ve got bears in our window too. I’ll have the kids draw some decorative eggs to put out before easter gets here.

  6. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    It’s my birthday next week, I have every intention of day drinking then!
    There is a town in Wales in lockdown that has hordes of horned sheep roaming the streets, and our local golf club is complaining about the increase in numbers of kangaroos grazing on the course because it’s closed.

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Day drinking on your birthday in lockdown is the way to go! Unfortunately, we still have golf courses open. And more than a handful of states doing their own thing, making the rest of us not happy.

  7. kaysreadinglife says:

    The bear hunt and hunt for eggs for Easter sounds like a lot of fun and it’s very creative. Glad people are coming up with things that kids can participate in. Can’t believe you saw a wild turkey. I saw a coyote crossing our backyard this morning, but that’s not so unusual. And we’ve noticed that there are a few of those awful feral pigs around again. They tear up the ground so badly. Hope you have a good week. Very sweet picture with Gage his friend. 🙂

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’ve seen small groups of wild turkeys at the edge of the park a few miles down the road, but I’ve never seen them here. I did talk to two neighbors who have seen them on our street in the past. I guess I was always just too busy to notice. Feral pigs do not sound like something I’d wan to run into around my house!

  8. gulfsidemusing says:

    This whole thing has been unbelievably hard on kids, too. I feel bad for kids trying to celebrate birthday parties, etc… and I know they all miss their friends 😦 My mother read American Dirt and really liked it. I’ll probably try and borrow her copy when we are in NY next. I caved and went to the grocery store this morning… our last two deliveries had horrible (and expensive!!) substitutions. Got there right when they opened. I was still nervous! Hope you all stay safe and well.

  9. hmsgofita says:

    It’s so sad that kids aren’t able to play and go to birthday parties, etc. But I’m so glad they were able to see each other and still celebrate. Gabe has been Facetiming with friends and playing some online games with others.

    My favorite movie better than book is Last of the Mohicans! I also love the LOTR movies better than the books. Ha!

    I need to start putting some Baileys in my coffee too. I think this weekend will be perfect for Easter morning!

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