This Week – Lock Down, day 1,792

Fave Pic IMG_3912 We went by a friend’s house for his birthday and it was nice to see some fresh faces, even if it was through a glass door.

Highlights I used Instacart AND got a Whole Foods delivery this week.  While I didn’t get everything I wanted for Gage I got enough that I can avoid the grocery stores for another few weeks.

We also went on a bear hunt.  In our community people put teddy bears in their windows for the kids to find when they were walking by.  I saw online that some people had started to put eggs in windows too, so we decided to get in the car and drive around our town.  Gage kept a tally and, while we were out in the quiet streets we saw the Easter Bunny getting into the bed of a pickup truck.  He waved and made our day.

Another morning I was looking out our kitchen window and saw a wild turkey running through our yard.  That was a new one.  While we’re all inside the wildlife is taking over 🙂

Reviewed Before I Go To Sleep

Books Read The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Wa…  Oh man, I cried for 15 minutes around the 330 pages mark and I’m still sad about it.  But I loved the book.

Currently Reading American Dirt

Movies Watched Smart people.jpg I really liked this one.  Before i go to sleep poster.jpgI wrote a post comparing it to the book.

March’s Movies and $ for Charity

Watching on the Small Screen Survivor and Ozark season 3 have been our go to shows this week.

Puzzles Finished IMG_3915

Do you have a movie that you like better than the book? 

Weekend plans Day drinking now that I’m not a teacher/mother/chef/maid for every waking moment?  I set up Gage and Jason with a STEM project that my cousin sent and I’ve added some Bailey’s to my morning coffee 🙂