This Week -Yikes!

Fave Pic IMG_3778 Lots of fun family game time this week.  Our current favorite is Rail and Sails Great Lakes.

Highlights of the Week What a week, right?  Gage is finally healthy and now we have to stay home.  But, it nice to finally have my kid back to his happy self after  a month+ of sickness.  If we’re friends on Facebook you saw that my horrifying mistake when making dinner led us to discover that Gage may have outgrown his dairy allergy!  Yay!  And if we’re not friends, let’s connect.  This is technically Gage’s Spring Break  so the teachers can prepare lessons, but we got a packet of assignments last week so we started those.  Gage loves a schedule and worksheets, both of which have helped make this week better.  Jason had to go downtown for work one day but now he’s working from home indefinitely.

Finished Reading Title: Dear Edward (Barnes & Noble Book Club Edition), Author: Ann Napolitano (review) Title: Morning Meditations: Awaken Your Power to Change, Author: Norton Professional Books (review)

Currently Reading The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Wa…  Before I Go to Sleep

Currently Listening Title: How Not to Die Alone, Author: Richard Roper  I’m like 5 minutes from being done.

Puzzles Finished IMG_3791 When we had to rid our house of everything a year and a half ago I had a lot  of unopened puzzles, so I threw away all of the boxes and plastic, but put the pieces into ziploc bags.  Now we have lots of mystery puzzles.  It’s fun to try and figure out what we’re puzzling.  You can see how many more we have left.  Plenty for the quarantine!

Watching Rat Race poster.jpg Wonder Park theatrical poster.jpg  They made the kid happy.

We’re also caught up with Survivor.  As the weeks have been stressful, I’ve switched from the Hallmark channel to the Food Network for my comfort food.  It’s a bonus that Gage loves the shows too (not like the Hallmark channel, lol). He loves Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine.

Plans for the Weekend  More of the same.  Some families are choosing to not to have the kids visit grandparents at this time and I understand that.  I also understand the importance of the visits for the littles and olds.  Gage has had a few visits with my parents and he will have another this weekend.

Stay well, my friends.

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