Classics Spin #19

I signed up for the Classics Club in January 2015, challenging myself to read 50 classics in 5 years time.  I think I’m halfway, but I’ve only got just over a year left – yikes!

This Classics Spin is to list 20 chunksters still on our list.  A few of these are not chunksters, but I have so few to choose from to get 20 books with a loaded page count.  This week they’ll spin the wheel and tell us which book to read next.  Fun!!

1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover

2. Jude the Obscure

3. Eva Luna

4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

5. Mists of Avalon

6. Gone With the Wind

7. A Handmaid’s Tale

8. Dracula

9. Mansfield Park

10. Prince of Tides

11. The Once and Future King

12. Travels With Charley

13. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

14. Stranger in a Strange Land

15. Age of Innocence

16. The Chosen

17. Of Human Bondage

18. Neuromancer by William Gibson

19. Animal Farm

20. Mother Night


You can join in the Classics Club any time and you pick your own books!!  If you already have a list, leave a link so I can take a look.


12 thoughts on “Classics Spin #19

  1. Michelle Stockard Miller says:

    I have Age of Innocence and Mansfield Park on mine, but in different positions. You have a great list there. Good luck!

  2. hmsgofita says:

    I tried Stranger in a Strange Land…didn’t make it far and Mists of Avalon…the first 100 pages were excellent…then it was hard to keep going. Handmaid’s Tale is super short so you could definitely get through that one quickly…though, it’s still tough emotionally. It took me a couple of months.

    I loved Gone With the Wind when I was in junior high. I don’t think I could reread it without being super critical of her ideas on the South, etc. but with eyes wide open it would still be interesting to take in.

    Mansfield Park is still on my list. I have tried three times…ha ha! One day.

    I’m still working on War and Peace so I had to bow out of the Spin this time. I’m hoping I can join back in for the next spin.

    Great list and good luck!

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