Sundays With Gage – It’s so cold and a winner!

Last week I celebrated a decade of blogging and wanted to send a box of goodies to one lucky commenter.  Gage chose the winner…

IMG_2697 IMG_2701 (2) Jennifer T!!!  I’ll send you an email or you can beat me to it and email me your address.

On the Gage front this week, he went back to school from winter break on Tuesday.  Friday they cancelled school because of an ice storm.  Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so no school.  Tuesday he’ll go back (although we’re getting snow tomorrow night so who knows).  In the last month he’ll have had three days of school.  Three. Days.  I love my kid.  He and his dad are my world, but everyone needs to go back to their schedules (Jason has used a lot of vacation time in the last month).  It is so cold and icy and snowy that finding entertainment is challenging.  We’ve already been really sick this winter, so I’m trying to avoid the popular kid sick-infested areas, but Gage requested one tomorrow.  We’ll see if  I can keep my sanity and him healthy another day.  Wish me luck!



11 thoughts on “Sundays With Gage – It’s so cold and a winner!

  1. Kay says:

    Good luck! Yes, you guys have had a lot of cold and the flu/respiratory junk is rampant everywhere. We have been hibernating too, but are going a little stir crazy. And we’re supposed to have a ‘winter storm’ tomorrow. Ice, mostly, but in our area, people have no idea how to drive on it, so it is crazy! I am supposed to be leading a discussion at a book group tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Take care, Stacy! Just think – this too shall pass…LOL!

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    We are so over winter down here and what we’re getting is nothing compared to what you’re getting. It’s unusual for us, though. I don’t know how people live with winters like this every year. Gage is so darn cute! Congrats to Jennifer!

  3. Literary Feline says:

    Hopefully the snow won’t keep school from happening tomorrow! We went to a birthday party yesterday at a place I associate with strep throat and so I wasn’t eager to go. Still, we went. She had fun. Hopefully none of us got sick as a result. I was using a lot of hand sanitizer. LOL Have a great week, Stacy!

  4. Jennifer T says:

    Thank you, Gage! I hope you can all stay warm and healthy, and get back to your usual schedule! I emailed you already. 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Susan says:

    Ha ha. I love my kids, but I’m not gonna lie — I’m always happy when school breaks are over! We’ve had unseasonably warm weather (it’s in the mid – upper 70s here in the Phoenix area), so there’s no chance of school being cancelled for inclement weather 🙂


  6. Jennifer T says:

    I received the lovely package today! Thank you so much, I’m overwhelmed!! So many fun things, plus the gift card for more books, I’m set for reading for a little while! I love everything! Congrats again, and thank you again for doing the giveaway. I look forward to lots more blogging!

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