Avon’s KissCon came to Cleveland

Last night I attended Avon’s KissCon with this excellent lineup of romance authors – Katharine Ashe, Toni BlakeShelley Shepard GrayLinda Howard, Linda Jones, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Ryan and Jill Shalvis.

Once I saw that Susan Elizabeth Phillips was going to be there I bought my VIP ticket so I could hang and drink wine with my new BFF.

avon1Susan is just as sparkly and quick as you might expect if you read her books.  I talked to two other authors -neither of which I’ve read, but I brought home books to change that- and both of them flew all the way from California.  Jill Shalvis and Jennifer Ryan were both so nice and willing to chat even though I didn’t know anything about them or their books 😉

avon4Jill Shalvisavon5Jennifer Ryan

There was a panel so we could hear from them all and that was lots of fun too.


It was a fun night, but I confess that I felt terrible.  I think you can see in those last two pics that I could barely open my eyes because it felt like there was a vise squeezing my head.  I’m a little better today but I’m going back to bed for a few hours while Gage is at school.