Watermark by Travis Thrasher

Title: The Watermark, Author: Travis ThrasherThe Watermark. Finished 9-15-16, rating 4/5, inspirational, 256 pages, pub. 2001

“I wanted to tell her the truth. I wanted to finally tell her everything. But the door slammed shut as it rightfully should have before I could be brave enough to do a thing.”

Sheridan Blake believes he has made one mistake that is beyond the reach of God’s forgiveness. Even after seven years of hopelessness, Sheridan still struggles to make something out of his life. When Genevie Dayton interrupts his self-imposed isolation, Sheridan dates to hope for a second chance.         from Goodreads

I picked this up at a library sale a few years ago because I thought it was pretty and that I recognized the author’s name (I didn’t).  Somehow I missed the big pink sticker on the spine proclaiming this book to be Inspirational, but wasn’t hard to miss once I started reading.  I tend to avoid the inspirational fiction. Most of them feel very vanilla to me when I like a little chocolate, but this one was sweet just the way it was and I liked it quite a bit.  The Watermark:A Tender Story of Forgiveness and Hope by Travis Thrasher.  Yeah, the subtitle should have tipped me off too.

Sheridan returns to college after a seven year hiatus. He still feels shame and guilt about the incident that got him kicked out of college the first time but he is trying to put his life back together. He brings in a roommate and meets a girl and things are looking good.  If only he can find forgiveness.

It’s always easier to tell others they need to forgive themselves than it is to forgive yourself.  Or to accept that forgiveness from God.  Sheridan has a lot of forgiving to do.

I think anyone who likes inspirational stories might like this one. I also think this would make a nice gift for anyone going to or in college.  It doesn’t turn a blind eye from the reality of college life and the trouble that kids get in to when on their own for the first time.