Another Birthday

Another birthday is here and this one is making me feel both old (if I round up it’s 50!) and blessed. I’m exactly half the age that my grandmother was when she died and her life was full of joy and faith and just good old fashioned Christian values and I feel good knowing that I’m only halfway-ish to a life well lived.

Since I entered my 40’s I’ve learned a few things.  The weight goes up easier and comes down only with starvation.  I’m a stronger woman than I ever gave myself credit for, especially pre-kid.  Being a mother is easy to get lost in if you let yourself.  Being an older mother sets you apart and so does having a child with special needs, so the road is not easy nor all that well-traveled.  Online friends can be just as present in your life as those in your real world.  Cheering for Ohio State football will never get old.  Life gets busy and it’s too easy to lose track of friends, but if they matter the time won’t matter as soon as you start talking.  Traveling is fun and great for your spirit.  Flying is a necessary evil.  There will never be enough years to read all of the books I want to read.  Having supportive parents who are still together is not all that common, appreciate it.  Having no idea what the latest hot app is will not make one bit of difference in your quality of life. Cable is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Family is good for the soul.

Next week Jason and I will be married 18 years, if only our marriage could vote!  It’s true sometimes there are stretches when it’s not easy to remember why you agreed to such a crazy thing, but if every day you find one thing that you really appreciate those annoying periods fly right on by.  Unless you hear a tape of him bantering with Donald Trump in the locker room. Then all bets are off.

Any sage advice  you’d like to share about your 40’s or happy marriage secrets?

From my morning walk…Have a beautiful day!