Winners and a freebie!

Gage is done with school and some of our tutors left us so, I get about two hours a day to myself (unless I beg my mom to come play with Gage so I can take a shower or accomplish something :)). So, I will be resuming the QUIZZES at the end of the summer when Gage will be going to school from 8-2:30 Monday-Thursday. I can’t even comprehend right now what I will do with all of that time!  Tonight’s our second horseback riding session (last week his two classmates canceled so he had all three ladies to himself!)


Okay, now for what you really clicked on for, WINNERS!  For the first round of 2015 we have a fourth time winner, her first since 2013….


Congratulations, Hannah!  A Barnes & Noble gift card will be on its way to you shortly 🙂

Now for my randomly selected winner (it really was a random draw but my camera has been refusing to take pictures when I want it to so I missed Gage drawing the winner)….


A fun, bookish gift will be on its way to you shortly 🙂

Thank you all so much for playing along with me every week, your participation is what makes it fun.  I actually have two quizzes started already, so be ready in late August to start again!

Now for an offer of a free book. It’s been on my shelf forever, but it’s never been read. I listened to the audio a few months ago and am not interested in keeping the book. The first person who tells me they want it can have it, free of charge 🙂  Make sure I have your email address to contact you.

GIVEAWAY OVER!  Claimed by Vicki!

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Hope you all have a great Thursday 🙂