Book problem, year 8 – Plus some giveaways!

I spent years working for Barnes & Noble and a year at our local library, so it’s not a surprise that I like books. I always thought that this yearly project of collecting my To-Be-Read books showcased not only my OCD tendencies, but also my problem of buying too many books, but this year I discovered something else.  Once a year I get to touch all of my books.  I used to have the time to shelve and reshelve and rearrange, but then I gave birth to Gage and that free time was no more.  So, I would buy books but they would languish on a shelf, untouched.  This year,  I spent my time during the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon recreating my book wall and I felt like I was rediscovering the books I’ve added to the house the last few years.  It made for an enjoyable read-a-thon.

Anyway, here are the details.  I started with 837 books from last April and over the past year I’ve read or given away 31, so that left me with 806.  I looked over the shelves and chose 5 that I knew I would never read and pulled them out, leaving 801.  And then I added the new books that I’d acquired over the past year, all 75 of them, and created this, my new Mt. TBR.

bookwall 2015


None of the stacks fell over this year (although I did catch a few with my body before that happened!), but the weak link, there always is one, was that second stack from the left on top.  And I had to add  yet another row to the bottom right.

I only had a net gain of 39. so, not bad, right? When I told Jason he seemed to think that it should have gone down, but I was thrilled that it hadn’t been more!  Lots of great reading ahead.

Now for the giveaway (if you’re still with me).  I have 2 brand new books that I’ve received duplicates of, 1 that I won’t read, and the 5 old books that I pulled from the stacks knowing I’ll never read them.  All you have to do is tell me in a comment if you’d like to win one or more of them.  I’ll draw winners over the weekend.  Open internationally 🙂

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