A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve

A Wedding in DecemberA Wedding in December. Finished 12-22-14, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2005

Unabridged audio read by Linda Emond. 9 hours, 50 minutes

At an inn in the Berkshire Mountains, seven former schoolmates gather to celebrate a wedding–a reunion that becomes the occasion of astonishing revelations as the friends collectively recall a long-ago night that indelibly marked each of their lives. Written with the fluent narrative artistry that distinguishes all of Anita Shreve’s bestselling novels, A Wedding in December acutely probes the mysteries of the human heart and the endless allure of paths not taken.

from Goodreads

I find Shreve so hit or miss and this one is probably my least favorite of her books that I’ve read so far.  It seemed like all of the stories led nowhere but to adultery.  It was weird.

He had never been unfaithful to Evelyn, a fact that occasionally had seemed a kind of failure on Harrison’s part, a failure of the imagination. (Sunday)

That line kind of sums up for me how Shreve saw her characters and she decided to let them all imagine.  It rubbed me the wrong way that almost every storyline came to this point.  I’m the same age as these characters (43) and there is certainly more to looking back on life’s missed opportunities than to decide to act on those opportunities no matter the cost.  Don’t misunderstand, infidelity is often part of a story but when there are 6 ‘storylines’ and 5 of them involve infidelity it gets old.

I realize this isn’t a proper review, but it’s almost Christmas and I need to finish wrapping, but I wanted to post my initial thoughts this year!

7 thoughts on “A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve

  1. Literary Feline says:

    I have only read one Shreve book and I loved it. I can tell she’s an author whose work I will like some of but not all. I’m not sure I want to try this one. I already tend to cringe when it comes to books about adultery. I’ve read some good ones, don’t get me wrong, but mostly I try to avoid them.

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