Rocco DiSpirito’s The Pound a Day Diet, Week 2

Hm, let me say that week 2 on Rocco’s diet was not successful.  Three days I had minor to major cheats (two date nights and a family trip to Five Guys where I was able to resist the burger but not the fries) and didn’t lose any weight.  That doesn’t make me a happy camper.  I’m not throwing in the towel.  I’m back on this week until Thursday and Friday.

Let’s talk shirataki noodles.  Ever had them?  They are in quite a few of these recipes as a pasta replacement.  There are tofu brands but I’ve only tried the soy varieties.  A little more about them if you aren’t familiar.  My regular grocery store didn’t have them, but  the health one did.  I tried the angel hair with a teriaki sauce (it was okay), the fettuccine with a cheese sauce (inedible, threw it didn’t away instead of eating it), and the spaghetti with a peanut and a lemon sauce (both were good).  I think they are best if you cook them long enough but if you’ve any experience with them let me know because they are a great carb replacement and I’d like to know if there is a trick to them.

I forgot to take a picture this week but I did have a favorite recipe.



So, week 2 I managed to keep off the first 6 pounds but wasn’t able to lose more, but I can’t completely blame that on the diet since I ate 2 meals out and had a bunch of Five Guys Fries (they were so worth it though!).