Sundays with Gage – to the circus

A few weeks ago we took Gage to his first circus.  It was a small one, held in a local armory, and perfect for his first experience.  Perfect because he didn’t last long, our $20 investment was worth the 30 minutes.  I’m finding that  he really doesn’t like big noisy crowds, well, at least when he is expected to sit and focus for any length of time.  He’s only 3 so  think we can give him a pass 😉  When we got to the circus we saw a boy who Gage knew and the boys lined up for front kneeling seats.

IMG_6435Then we moved to Daddy’s lap for awhile.IMG_6441And then we checked out the big clownIMG_6456All in all a good first experience.  He was able to see a monkey and miniature horse act, but we didn’t stay long enough for the dogs.

I tried to find some good circus books for him after and the one that he loves (and so do I) is Stay:The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean with photographs by KC Bailey abd Stephen Kazmierski.  40 pages. Perfect for preschoolers.

The True Story of Ten Dogs: Stay

This is the story of Luciano Anastasini, born to generations of circus performers.  He fell from the high wire and broke so many bones it took four operations to put him back together.  He needed a new act if he wanted to continue performing and he found one.  He rescued dogs that no one else wanted and worked with them until he had a show.

This book warmed my  heart as it will any dog lover.  The story, the bio of each dog, the overall theme of second chances left a smile on my face and a desire to see them in action.

Gage likes the beautiful photography of each dog and their circus act.  He looks through it almost every day.  I really can’t recommend this one enough.

I checked it out of the library and will be sad to take it back.