Miracle Cure by Harlan Coben

Miracle CureMiracle Cure. Finished 6-14-14, rating 3/5, thriller, 391 pages, pub. 1991

A stunning, controversial, nonstop thriller that careens through the inner halls of high-stakes medical research, the upper echelons of Washington politics, and the steamy streets of Bangkok, on the trail of a dangerous and deadly cure for AIDS.

from Goodreads

On the very first page of this re-released book is a note from the author, bestselling author Harlan Coben.  He tells you to put it down if you haven’t read any other books by him. Why?  Well, the very obvious reason is that the book isn’t really up to snuff with his other thrillers.  I think this is his second book and while I’m a huge fan, I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to read the first.

This centers around a clinic looking for and possibly finding a cure for AIDS in the early 90’s.  Their top-secret patients are showing signs of being cured and the three doctors are trying to perfect the treatment before going public.  Newswoman Sara and her NBA player, Michael, are good friends with one of the doctors and are very familiar with the clinic.  There is a religious televangelist trying to make AIDS into God’s war against gays and there are politicians more than willing to settle old scores before considering what’s best for the American people.  Oh, and there is a gay slasher who is killing the cured.

There’s a lot going on and Coben deftly keeps the story moving. I didn’t mind the outdated story about AIDS, it’s a snapshot of a time that I remember well, but there were pages of fairly preachy dialogue that I just barely skimmed past.  The story was all over the place and there were plenty of loose ends, but I was surprised by the killer, so that was good.

Who should read this one?  Anyone who thinks their writing is no good and never will be.  Read this and then Tell No One and see how far one author can go.  This was from my personal library.