Weekends with Gage- A World of Colors

A World of Colors: Seeing Colors in a New WayGage has known his colors for a while, but when I saw this book at the library I thought he’d enjoy it. A World of Colors by Marie Houblon and published by National Geographic is one I can recommend enthusiastically to all kids from 2-5 or 6.  Let me start with the photos – they are gorgeous, interesting and international.  Each color has 4 pages and the text isn’t something the child will read by themselves, but the text makes this book interactive so it isn’t something they’d want to read by themselves anyway.  For each color it asks that you look around and find something that color and because of that it would be fun to go around the house reading it in different rooms.  Let me show you a few pages…


So sorry about the blurry pink page  but I’m including it so you can get an idea of the photos.  So after we read this I decided that tis might be a good way to start categorizing and practicing gluing abilities.  So I let Gage choose a color in the morning at breakfast and over the course of the day I collected things that he could attach to a piece of construction paper.  Next time we do something similar (and we will just with other categories) I’ll let him help with the scavenger hunt (but to be honest just the gluing part was all the time Gage wanted to spend on this activity, 5-10 minutes, so I’d break it up into two activities).

Today was our last day and we did green.  Here’s how it went down…

greenHis standard pose for the camera to start.

green 1I always think it’s fun to see what he’s going to choose first.  Today it was the grasshopper.

green 2This is so blurry because this mom doesn’t like to have her hands so far away from a 2 year old with glue.

green 3After the grasshopper is a small green craft stick. I did try to have a few tactile items for each color for more interest.

green 4Some days he would put everything I put out on there, other days he just chose a few.  Today he told me he was done and I told him he had to add 3 more things. He chose 3 dinosaur stickers.  When I asked him to point to his favorite thing he chose Kermit the frog.

green 5His final color collection.

I have a big plastic bin where I keep old torn up books and misc. craft supplies to use for projects just like this one.  The book was the inspiration for this activity. So much fun 🙂

16 thoughts on “Weekends with Gage- A World of Colors

  1. Gage's Grandma says:

    Wow! Gage has quite a collection of colors. I was lucky enough to be there when he did one of them and it was fun to watch him and see how much fun he had. He is so cute!

  2. Amy Meyer says:

    What a great idea, Stacy! This project looked like a lot of fun! It’s awesome that you think of good projects for Gage to participate in rather than just watching tv or something!

  3. Diane@BibliophilebytheSea says:

    This looks like a beautiful book and what a great project for your son. You should have been a teacher in elementary school – I would have loved to to have someone with your creativity and patience teach my kids…..nice job mom and Gage

  4. Literary Feline says:

    I love this idea. I may have to borrow it for Mouse. She loves glue and unfortunately likes to put it everywhere so we really have to keep an eye on her when she’s got it in hand.

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