French Milk by Lucy Knisley

French MilkFrench Milk. Finished 7-17-13, rating 3.25, graphic memoir, 193 pages, pub. 2007

Celebrating her mom’s 50th birthday and her own 22nd, Lucy and her mom decided to visit Paris together for a month.  They rented an apartment in the fifth arrondissement and started touring the city in January of 2007 and this book is her travel journal.  Lucy, attending the Center for Cartoon Studies, showed her skills in this graphic novel.

I was drawn in right away by her humor and the way she told her story.  The photographs that were interspersed with the drawings made it feel more personal.  I felt like I was on the streets of Paris stopping in cafes and drinking lots of wine and eating lots of cheese and bread.  Her quirkiness was refreshing and I love the idea of doing something so fantastic with your mother.

She lost me a little bit about halfway through.  She became whiny and it was hard t o feel sympathy for her when she complained of missing home.  One month in Paris is such a wonderful gift!  I know I am saying that as a 40 something and Lucy had not yet turned 22, so maybe that was the problem.  I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much at 22 as I would now.  After she recovered from that mood the book became more about what they ate and where when I wanted more story.

Overall, this is a short, easy to read travel journal.  I think it would be a perfect read for anyone planning to travel there.  It’s perfect to get restaurant and shopping ideas., but for me it didn’t deliver enough about her relationship with her mother, and that’s what I was expecting.

This was from my personal library.

Traveling down the SeineFrance 154(courtesy of Bookbath)

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