Weekends with Gage – Gage and the Purple Crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson is a book that I have loved sharing with Gage.  It is all about imagination and that’s something I want to encourage in Gage.  The fact that purple is his favorite crayon color  and that there was a scary dragon in it made this an easy sell.  It is a little long, but Gage makes it all the way through.  I’d say It’s perfect for kids 2 1/2-5 and there are just so many activities to try with this one.  I decided to let Gage make his own. book.  Harold was armed only with a crayon, but Gage got stickers and a little help from mom.

For prep I folded 4 sheets of paper in half and then a sheet of white cardstock for the cover, collected purple crayons and stickers that could help with storytelling.  We very loosely used some of the scenes from the book.  Gage had fun even if I had to prod with the storytelling.  I will do this activity again and each time prompt more from Gage so I have to provide less.  I made the cover myself after he was done 🙂

purplethe set up

purple 1what should I put on the road?

purple 2sometimes one crayon is not enough

purple 3and sometimes I needed help.

purple 4I’m feeling proud.

purple 5the final productpurple 6purple 7I had so much fun with Gage I’m thinking of making one myself. I think this book is a must have for any kid.  Harold’s that is, Gage’s isn’t for sale!

France 041There’s a little bit of purple in here :(courtesy of Bookbath))