Sundays with Gage – thankful for his smile and sad for Sandy Hook families

004Gage is two and this past Wednesday was his last Mommy & Me class.  Mothers were encouraged to make themselves scarce as a transition for the kids when they started attending class all by themselves in January.  All this time I have been looking forward to the four hours week of ‘free time’ I’d be getting in January, but I admit the last class was bittersweet.  I want to be there and see the little guy grow and learn and experience new things.  I guess that’s called being a mother 🙂

So, jump forward a day to the horrific killings at Sandy Hook and it does sort of put a new perspective on life, especially life with Gage.  It will probably make dropping him off that first day even harder.  I am at a loss to even comprehend the devastation of those families and community.  I will hug my son, give him kisses and hugs and love him the best I can and I will do it every day.  Because today is the only time I know I’ve got for certain and I don’t want to waste it on anything less than being thankful.

And it’s pretty easy to be grateful for this smile.


17 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – thankful for his smile and sad for Sandy Hook families

  1. Sandy says:

    I remember when I started dropping my kids off at school when they were so small, and it just unnerved me to relinquish my control and put their safety in somebody’s else’s hands. None of us will probably ever look at that act as a simple one ever again!

  2. Gage's grandma says:

    Love that smile! I have a feeling that Gage will love his new class. My heart is truly broken for the families in Newtown. You said it perfectly-we only have today.

  3. Wrighty says:

    Gage is so precious and is lucky to have such a caring & loving mommy. I’m so glad you share his stories and photos with us. I always found it hard to send my kids off to school but each year is a step towards more independence. You are sending him out a little at a time and it’s good for both of you. By the time he is attending school full time you will LOVE those hours he is at school! (Well, I did!) It was just enough time for me and then they were home again with plenty of hours left in the day to be together. It makes me sad that my oldest will be 24 in a few days!! He now has two kids of his own and I am loving being a grandma! Time goes on…

    My heart is broken after the tragic events in Newtown. I can’t possibly imagine what they have to endure. I hope and pray they find enough love and support to get them through this.

  4. Literary Feline says:

    He has a beautiful smile. 🙂 Hold him close and treasure every moment, even the stressful ones. I know I will (even if with a little hand wringing).

  5. Amy says:

    Gage is adorable and growing big so quickly. I cannot imagine the impact the Sandy Hook shootings have had on parents, especially parents of young children such as you and your husband Stacy. It’s horrific and terribly. I guess it puts things in a different perspective for you, possibly makes you more fearful and more grateful. You’re a fantastic mom and doing the best you can and Gage is thriving. As you said, hug him, kiss him, keep him as safe as you can and cherish each day with your beautiful little boy.

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