Sundays with Gage – thankful for his smile and sad for Sandy Hook families

004Gage is two and this past Wednesday was his last Mommy & Me class.  Mothers were encouraged to make themselves scarce as a transition for the kids when they started attending class all by themselves in January.  All this time I have been looking forward to the four hours week of ‘free time’ I’d be getting in January, but I admit the last class was bittersweet.  I want to be there and see the little guy grow and learn and experience new things.  I guess that’s called being a mother 🙂

So, jump forward a day to the horrific killings at Sandy Hook and it does sort of put a new perspective on life, especially life with Gage.  It will probably make dropping him off that first day even harder.  I am at a loss to even comprehend the devastation of those families and community.  I will hug my son, give him kisses and hugs and love him the best I can and I will do it every day.  Because today is the only time I know I’ve got for certain and I don’t want to waste it on anything less than being thankful.

And it’s pretty easy to be grateful for this smile.