Sundays with Gage – the countdown to Christmas

Gage is a little young to appreciate counting down the days til Christmas, but I’ve seen so many cute children’s books for advent posts that I thought I’d give it a shot. I chose 22 books and 2 dvds (mostly from the library) and wrapped them up, put a number on them and them put the numbers on a box I still had wrapped from last Christmas.  I’m hoping that this will help him with numbers too since he doesn’t seem to care about learning them!

Each day we’ll open the box and find the corresponding book.  I plan to have a corresponding activity for each of the books.  I found this easy one on Pinterest (bubbly bowl of snowballs).  He liked the sensory aspect of the book, but was less interested in the bubbles.  I am going to post all the books and activities, so watch out for toddler overload the next few weeks 🙂