An Infinite Number of Monkeys by Les Roberts

An Infinite Number of Monkeys: A Saxon Mystery (#1)An Infinite Number of Monkeys. Stacy and Janet are both rating it 3.75 stars.

I’ve raved about the Milan Jacovich series set in Cleveland and when given the opportunity to read Roberts first book and series set in Los Angeles I said yes and brought my mom along for the fun (post here).  I stopped by his blog and saw this recent post about the publication of his first book and Ray Bradbury.  I thought I’d share because it’s a good one and it’ll make you want to write a fan letter.  This is the fourth stop on my Ohio author tour and my second by Les Roberts.

This is book 1 in the Saxon series and right now the whole series is half price on ebooks (info here).

My mom reads all the time, especially now that she’s retired, so I convinced her to try a joint review with me.  We may do more in the future after some tweaking.  So, please welcome my mom, Janet.

Saxon is half private eye, half actor with only half a name.  Les Roberts claims that he doesn’t know Saxon’s given name, so here are a few suggestions from us…

Stacy: He does seem to like the ladies, so Casanova or Bond. Saxon Bond.

Janet: I’d pick a strong name like Jack or Luke.

How did you feel about Saxon?

Janet: Saxon is a strong character and very likable.   I liked that Saxon’s best friend in the whole world was Jo, his bookkeeper and secretary.

Stacy: Except for his inclination to fall in love on sight, I liked him.  I don’t know how good Saxon was as an actor, but he was a great private detective.  He knew the right people, wasn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with those more dangerous than he was, and he always seemed to ask the right questions. He was tough, fair, and smart. 

Saxon was investigating a possible attempted murder and became involved with a bestselling author and his daughter.  What did you think of the story?

Stacy: I liked it.  It felt like a throwback to some of my favorite movies in the mystery noir genre. I think the Los Angeles film scene was a perfect setting to enhance the comparison. 

Janet: The story moved along well and since there were no shortage of suspects, I did not guess who the murderer was until the end.

Did you have a favorite part?

Janet: My favorite part of the book was how it all came together at the end.  It was action packed.

Stacy: I liked that I kind of guessed the big reveal but still didn’t know for sure who the culprit was.  Made me feel smart and confused at the same time.

One word to describe the book.

Stacy: Noirish

Janet: If I had to describe the book in a word it would be ‘fast-paced’.  Sorry, I know that’s two words.

This was Roberts’ first book and series.  How does is compare to the Milan series?

Janet:  This was my first Saxon book and I plan to read the others.  I have read the Milan Jacovich mysteries and loved every one.  Milan is still my favorite sleuth, but Saxon is definitely worth the read. 

Stacy: I like the Milan series better, but that may be because it’s set in my town of Cleveland.  While Milan and Saxon have a lot in common, part of my love for Milan comes from his love of family and I don’t get that from Saxon.  Yet.  I do plan on reading the rest of the series.

I want to thank Jane from Gray & Company for sending us the book.

9 thoughts on “An Infinite Number of Monkeys by Les Roberts

  1. rhapsodyinbooks says:

    I love this! What fun! And regarding the one word question, at our book club we start by going around and first giving one word and then going back around and explaining why we chose it. But often we get side-tracked arguing over whether something actually counts as one word! LOL

  2. thebumbles says:

    That’s funny – feeling smart & confused @ same time! The mark of a good mystery writer.

    Love the joint opinions – you always come up with fun features :0)

  3. Staci@LifeintheThumb says:

    Loved your mother/daughter team reviewing!! Looking forward to more!! Great spotlight on this series!!

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