Scholarly Authors Quiz – guessing closed

Last week’s quiz was just too easy, so this week it’s all about educated guesses.  Match these authors with what they studied in college. 8 points each.

You have until noon Saturday to submit your answers as a comment.  Comment will be hidden until I post the answers.  No Googling!

This round starts today and will last til the end of March.  The person with the most points will win a B&N gift card (total $ based on # of total participants, so please play) and a randomly selected participant will win a fun prize from me.

Have fun and Good Luck!

1. John Grisham        C. Accounting

2. Stephen King          E. English

3. Jean Auel                A. Business Administration

4. David Baldacci       D. Law

5. Michael Connelly    G. Journalism

6. Anne Tyler               K. Russian Studies

7. JK Rowling              I. French

8. Nicholas Sparks     L. Business/Finance

9. Norman Mailer       F. Aeronautical Engineering

10. Barbara Kingsolver    H. Biology

11. Elizabeth Peters      J. Egyptology

12. Danielle Steel           B. Literature & Fashion Design

Details and Leaderboard here.  Last week’s Hero Quiz here.

21 thoughts on “Scholarly Authors Quiz – guessing closed

  1. Kay says:

    Wow, you’re not kidding that this is harder. Whew. Here come the guesses because I might only know a couple for sure. My prediction of my score – 16. LOL

    1. D
    2. G
    3. I
    4. F
    5. L
    6. A
    7. C
    8. E
    9. K
    10. H
    11. J
    12. B

    • stacybuckeye says:

      This was very hard, which is why when I made it a few months ago I never posted it. But, Gage has had a double ear infection for a week and I had no time to work on another. You exceeded your expectations by one correct answer! 24 points 🙂

  2. Teddyree says:

    EEK from one extreme to the other, you’re a harsh woman Stacy 🙂

    I think I know a couple but the rest will be wild guesses not educated guesses

    1. John Grisham – Accounting
    2. Stephen King – English
    3. Jean Auel – Egyptology?? no idea maybe it was biology
    4. David Baldacci – Law?? didn’t he?
    5. Michael Connelly – Journalism
    6. Anne Tyler – Russian
    7. J. K Rowling – French (yay for reading bio’s)
    8. Nicholas Sparks – Business/Finance?
    9. Normal Mailer – Aeronautical Engineering??
    10. Barbara Kingsolver – Biology?
    11. Elizabeth Peters – Business Admin?
    12 Danielle Steel – Literature & Fashion (it’s the only one left haha)

  3. Jennifer Rayment says:

    Nice, seriously hard this time – I do know some but the rest are total guesses

    1. John Grisham

    2. Stephen King

    3. Jean Auel

    4. David Baldacci
    Russian Studies

    5. Michael Connelly

    6. Anne Tyler
    Business Administration

    7. JK Rowling

    8. Nicholas Sparks

    9. Norman Mailer
    Aeronautical Enginnering

    10. Barbara Kingsolver

    11. Elizabeth Peters

    12. Danielle Steel
    Literature and Fashion Design

  4. Carol M says:

    1. John Grisham D. Law
    2. Stephen King E. English
    3. Jean Auel K. Russian Studies
    4. David Baldacci D. Law
    5. Michael Connelly G. Journalism
    6. Anne Tyler C. Accounting
    7. JK Rowling I. French
    8. Nicholas Sparks L. Business/Finance
    9. Norman Mailer H. Biology
    10. Barbara Kingsolver F. Aeronautical Engineering
    11. Elizabeth Peters J. Egyptology
    12. Danielle Steel B. Literature & Fashion Design

    Quite a few guesses on this one!

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