Sundays with Gage -Walking with Grandpa

Last week I wrote a post patting myself on the back for having completed the 100 Mile Challenge. That was nothing.   Yesterday, Gage was able to participate in a Grandpa milestone.

My dad had a heart attack and bypass surgery when he was 37.  That’s two years younger than I am now.  I’m not sure he changed much about his lifestyle, still smoked and ate the same stuff, until he was 53.  Then he decided to quit smoking and his doctor said he’d have to keep himself busy.  Well, he did.  In May of 2000 he walked 34 miles and on September 24th he completed his 30,000th mile.  He only remembers about 4 days in those years where he didn’t walk at all, when he had stents put in his heart years ago. I don’t know how many tennis shoes, socks or umbrellas he’s gone through, but let’s just say a lot.

If we do the math that means he averaged over 221 miles per month for 136 months straight.

Gage ‘s Grandpa showed him that it’s never too late to take charge of your health and that completing a goal is often as easy as having a streak of stubbornness.  My dad walked the first half of the momentous mile with my cousin Bill and then drove up here so he could finish the mile with Gage.  Someday soon Gage will be able to take walks with his Grandpa where I’m sure lots of grandfatherly wisdom will be passed on.  He is lucky to have such a great grandfather.