Sundays with Gage- Privacy

I remember a friend telling me when I first told her I was pregnant that I would get used to the uncomfortable doctor visits and by the time the baby arrived that I would have no shame and wouldn’t care who was looking or poking and prodding or where.  She was mostly right.  And I know that last illusion of privacy, the bathroom, is one that I will probably not get to appreciate again for many years.  But, if someone were to watch me sleep I am sure I would be appalled.  I am a light sleeper, which is great now that Gage is here.  I am never still for very long (I’m guessing) and I  know I snore occasionally (yuck).

Now that we’ve started watching Gage’s video monitor like it’s reality tv I feel a little guilty.  When he wasn’t moving around much it was great to see that he was okay, but now that he’s moving around more I see that he sleeps a lot like his mother. Poor kid. But he’s also bendy like his dad, yay 🙂   A few shots will show you just how much fun it can be to watch him from the comfort of your own bed.  These were taken over the course of one night.








Do you think he’s got the camera figured out?  The video monitor is a wonderful thing for parents but I’ve also come to rely on it and feel nervous when I can’t see him.  What did you all do before monitors?  I think sometimes that I might get a better night’s sleep!