Sundays with Gage-Milestones

When you are a brand new parent you look at those parenting guides like the law.  They tell you when your baby is supposed to do this or do that and are supposed to be helpful.  Well, they are, at least until your perfect baby is late for one.  Then panic ensues and your husband has to listen to you obsess over every little thing.  And at only a month or two old there isn’t a lot going on so it is easy to put unnecessary pressure on yourself and your baby.

Milestones are important.  At the beginning of each new month I look at the What to Expect book and the Baby 411 book for new tricks Gage should be learning, but I don’t obsess anymore.  Those first three months I drove myself and Jason crazy.  Some milestones he was early for (raising his head, bearing weight on his legs), some he was right on time (sitting up), and others he was late for (smiling).  But somehow if you wait a month or two you’ll find that your baby will do things on his own time.  As my pediatrician told me, “the baby doesn’t read those books.”

All of the obsessing doesn’t make it happen any faster and you lose happy time just enjoying your baby.  Having said all that Gage did reach a very important and scary milestone this week.  He is crawling!  All others to this point pale in comparison to this life changer.  He is fast and I’ll admit that we are a little late in baby proofing the house.  It’s so much fun to watch him cruise around on his own.  See?

But with this freedom comes stressful moments like these…

He falls down.  A lot.  But at least not off this step so far 🙂  Welcome to the crazy train.  I’ve had a lot less time at the computer this week for very good reason !








Thanks for all of the advice on the napping last week.  I confess I have not been very successful this week, but I’m okay with that.