Monday Movie Meme – Supernatural

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
Share on your blog favorite movies with those witchy, surreal, psychic or alien happenings, linking back here at The Bumbles.
Here are a few that fit the bill.  I’ve listed them in the order I like them best.  And they have something else in common besides today’s theme.  Can you guess what it is?
These aren’t my absolute favorite supernatural movies, but so many of them have shown up here week after week that I decided to mix things up.  Can you guess the common thread?   I don’t think I made it very hard!
Visit the Bumbles for more supernatural movies.

14 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme – Supernatural

  1. Amy says:

    Great list of movies, Stacy! I completely spaced on Constantine as well as The Matrix (smacking self in head!) lol

    Oh wow, The Devil’s Advocate, that’s right! Hey, I guess you just thought about Keanu Reeves & there was your list, right?!
    I never saw The Lake House, it just didn’t appeal to me even though I like Sandra Bullock in most movies. Keanu? sometimes, sometimes not.

    My movies lists don’t necessarily reflect movies I like. But most of the movies I list I have seen.

    ~ Amy

  2. jennygirl says:

    Well yes! hot Keanu Reeves! Marix is my all time favorite too. The originality, the suspense, the action. Unfortunately the other two didn’t live up to my expectations. Great list Stacy.

  3. Bumbles says:

    DUH! Can’t believe we didn’t think of The Matrix. I had to laugh out loud at Bill & Ted’s inclusion – that’s how I will forever see Keanu – unfortunately for him ;0)

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