Round Two Winners

Round Two of my Quizzes is over and Nise of Under the Boardwalk has won with a whopping 752.75 points!  Way to go Nise 🙂  And for the randomly chosen second winner (I asked my hubby for a number) the winner is Jenny of Jenny Loves to Read!!  Congrats Jenny 🙂  I picked up a small gift for each of you at the Louvre in Paris last Wednesday and will be mailing it to you soon.

Round Three will begin next week. 

Tomorrow I will be drawing winners for the 9 giveaways posted while I was gone, so take a look at the posts from the last week or so and see if there’s anything you’d like to have delivered to your doorstep.

 I had a fabulous time in France and will be posting about it this weekend.  As much as I love vacations it is always nice to be home 🙂

8 thoughts on “Round Two Winners

  1. jennygirl says:

    Oh yea! Thanks so much Stacy. Very awesome and made my day.

    Looking forward to reading your vacation post when you get to it. Living out of suitcases can be tiring after a while. Dorothy had it right, there is no place like home. Relax and take it easy. Talk to you later 🙂

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