Deadly Caress, by Brenda Joyce

Deadly Caress by Brenda Joyce: Book CoverFinished 2-18-10, rating 4/5, romance, pub. 2003

Book 5 in the Deadly series (Book 1) (Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4)

Francesca Cahill and Rick Bragg are having a few problems.  Rick’s wife is back in town a determined to make a go of their marriage.  Rick’s brother, the cad Calder Hart, is determined to marry Francesca.  There’s also another killer on the loose in the streets of New York City and the Cahill house is in disarray after Evan is almost beaten to death because of his gambling debts.  Francesca’s sister, Connie is still trying to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity and in 1902, women did not leave their husbands if they cheated.

So, you know by my reviews of the first four books that I love this series, but it is not perfect.  I haven’t mentioned yet, but this series starts in January 1902 and at the end of this fifth book it is February 1902.  That is a lot to happen in such a short time.  I don’t understand why she chose to write the series this way, especially since I distrust romances when the heroine falls in love so fast.  Because I love the characters I can overlook it, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

There was sex in this one!  And it was angry sex.  I didn’t like it.  I don’t mind a little sex, it’s to be expected in a romance, but I like it to be romantic.  I’m surprised that of the five books of this series so far, only three actually have sex in them.  It’s a nice change of pace from your typical romances.

So, the series is fun, but not perfect.  Only three left to catch up.

 This was from my personal library.

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