Writers Lost in 2009 Quiz

Here’s how to play…Identify the author and leave a comment with the # and the name and I’ll cross it off the list. No Googling, that’s cheating and no fun!  These authors wrote their final chapters in 2009.  If you are the first one to get it right it will earn you an extra entry for Beautiful Creatures by  Tracy Chevalier (details here).

1. This Pulitzer Prize winner is best known for his Rabbit series.  John Updike, 1/27/09 (Susan)

2. This epic fantasy novelist took us to Belgariad and Malloreon.  David Eddings, 6/2/09 (Strangelove)

3. This children and young adult author won the Newbery Medal in the late 1980’s.  My favorite was about a girl named Trissy.  Norma Fox Mazer, 10/17/09 (Em)

4. This science fiction writer’s young life was best represented in his autobiographical novel (and later a  movie starring a young Christian Bale) set in Shanghai where he was born in the International settlement and interred during World War II.  JG Ballard, 4/19/09 (Strangelove)

5. This Florida writer was best known for her Suspicion series.  Barbara Parker, 3/7/09 (Kay)

6. This gay African-American man authored 10 consecutive New York Times bestsellers. E Lynn Harris, 7/23/09 (CeeCee)

7. A long time syndicated political columnist for the New York Times and a contributor  to On Language in the New York Times magazine.  William Safire, 7/23/09 (Hannah)

8. The 1977 feminist novel The Women’s Room is perhaps her best known work.  Marilyn French, 5/2/09 (Strangelove)

9. Although best know as a politician from a very political family his memoir was published after his death. Ted Kennedy, 8/25/09 (Debbie)

10. He became a regular contributor to Vanity Fair after his daughter was murdered.  He hosted his own tv series on Court tv (truTV) about justice and celebrities Dominick Dunne, 8/26/09 (Debbie)

11. This Canadian author wrote a series of archaeological mystery novels, one of which I read last year because it began with an X.  Lyn Hamilton, 9/10/09 (Jenners)

12. He wrote the screenplays for some of the best movies of the 1980’s.  Does Sixteen Candles or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ring a bell?  John Hughes, 8/6/09 (Stranglove)

13. This English model and photographer also wrote more than a dozen glitzy romance novels.  Pat Booth, (Sarah E)

14. This conservative columnist, journalist, and author died of brain cancer.  Robert Novak, 8-18-09 (jb)

15. Best known as an actor and dancer, he wrote this memoir with his wife before losing his battle with cancer.  Patrick Swayze, 9/14/09 (Debbie)

16 thoughts on “Writers Lost in 2009 Quiz

  1. Wrighty says:

    All of these award authors and I know very few of them! I’m going to kick myself when I find out the answers. :O

    9. Ted Kennedy
    10. Dominick Dunn
    15. Patrick Swayze

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, man! The only one I know for sure is number one: John Updike. Several others are on the tip of my brain, but I just. can’t. pull. them. out! Arrrgggh!

  3. Strangelove says:

    So, let’s see what I know.

    #2 – David Eddings (Not a big fan, but read it)
    #4 – J.G. Ballard (love everything he wrote!)
    #6 – Barbara Parker (A revelation, did not felt like reading her for a long time, but then I was surprised)
    #8 – Marilyn French (My mother has a lot of her works)
    #12 – The great John Hughes!

    And that’s all!

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