2010 Goals and Challenges

I’ve been blogging for two full years now and loving every minute of it.  2009 was different in that I became more involved with the book blogging community and because of it found the need to figure out how to use a Reader and to keep track of my ever-increasing Reading Wish List.  Last year I made a goal to read 130 books and did it by finishing #130 at 5pm yesterday.  I also wanted to read 30 non-fiction, but only ended the year with 19.  This was the only reading goal or challenge I failed last year 😦

In 2010 I am lowering my reading goal to 105.  I need to have a little less stress at the end of the year and I want to make time for some chunky books I want to read.  I’ll make my non-fiction goal 12.  I let you all choose 50 of the books I’ll read this year and I’m excited to see what you’ve chosen! 

I do have a few other things that will be happening in 2010.  My weekly quiz will move to Tuesday mornings so that I can participate in The Bumbles Monday Movie meme more often.  I will also continue to give away books on the first or second day of each month and give my 5 word movie reviews at the end of each month.  On Fridays (except for today :)) I’ll feature a favorite movie or an author interview.  And as I was looking over old posts I found one that I’d like to continue on a monthly basis, so look out!  And I’ll be posting about 2 reviews a week.  I think that’s enough to keep me busy, don’t you? 

Here are the reading challenges I’ve joined for the year.  I am looking forward to them all.  The challenges really help me focus and I need that.

New Author Challenge 2010This is my first year trying this challenge and I’m going to go for 35 new authors.  Go here for more details.

The Colorful Reading Challenge.  This is my first year, but the goal is to read 9 books with 9 different colors in the title.  I have 7 on my shelves already, so this will help me clear some shelf space too.  Click here for more details.

Sign up for the 2010 A to Z Challenge I loved this one last year and look forward to the challenge again this year.  Last year I read a few books that I never would have tried and ended up loving them, so I have high hopes for this year.  Click here for more details.

 This one helped me so much last year.  I am committed to reading 55 of my own books this year.  You all voted to choose 50 of those and I’m excited to see what you’ve chosen for me.  Click here for more details.

I finished Round 1 and am signing up for Round 2.  I need to walk 100 miles by March 31st.  And I need to not leave 8 1/2 miles for the last two days!  Click here for more details.

Looking for the Short Story Challenge?I haven’t read short stories since college, but I do have a few languishing on my shelves so I’m signing up for the Bronze level and will read one short story collection a quarter for a grand total of 4.  Click here for more details.