The Husband, by Dean Koontz

Husband by Dean Koontz: Book CoverFinished 1-9-09, rating 3.5/5, fiction, pub. 2006

The kidnapper said, “Just so you’ll know we’re serious…”

After a silence, Mitch asked. “What?”

“See that guy across  the street?”

Mitch turned and saw a single pedestrian, the man walking the slow dog.  They had progressed half a block.

The sunny day had a porcelain glaze.  Rifle fire shattered the stillness, and the dogwalker went down, shot in the head.

Chapter 1

Mitch is a landscaper with his own small business and a wife he loves.  He is a content man until he receives a phone call that his wife has been kidnapped and he must come up with a $2 million ransom in three days or she’s dead.  Mitch is at a loss and as the hours tick by it becomes clear that the kidnappers have set him up in case anything goes wrong.  When Mitch approaches his older brother, Anson, things begin to get complicated and Mitch is scared for more than Holly’s life, he’s terrified for his own.  Mitch’s life becomes clear as the nightmare continues and he finds himself turning into a person he scarcely knows.  How far will he go to rescue the love of his life and will it be enough? 

Mitch has some of the strangest parents I’ve read about and they were fascinating.  As was his brother Anson.  They may have been my favorite parts of the book.  The story moved along at breakneck speed and I was interested, but not involved.  Mitch as the modest every man was compelling, but I guess the story felt like it’s been told before and I was expecting more from Koontz.  It was good, but not great.  Thriller lovers will be happy.

This was from my personal library and I want to thank Debbie, Marce, and Jason for choosing it for me.  Here’s what Debbie had to say… “I’ve heard really good things about it and love his books.”