First Ladies Quiz & Possible Giveaway

Guessing Closed.  I’ll draw a winner for the book tomorrow.

I read this book on the First Ladies and now I’m going to see if you can match up these women with one fun piece of trivia from the book.  These are hard, so if you all as a group guess all 38 (only goes through Clinton) I will randomly draw one of the 38 and I’ll send that person this book for free (the guesser not the First Lady!).  Leave a comment with the # and the name(s) of the First Lady.  Guesses are encouraged 🙂

1. The year of her husband’s death she began a 6 year term as a delegate to the United NationsEleanor Roosevelt (Susan)

2. She exchanged 1400 love letters with her husband. She died of Bright’s disease in the White House.  Ellen Wilson (Heather)

3. She served as president of the Girl Scouts before her death. Lou Hoover (Em)

4. She started the library at the White HouseAbigail Fillmore (Nise’)

5. She got her nickname because she was born on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day Pat Nixon (Linda B)

6. She supported herself as a model before her marriageBetty Ford (Susan)

7. She was the only First Lady to be born abroad.  Louisa Adams (Kate)

8. Spent much of her White House time in mourning over the loss of her 3 sons.  Jane Pierce (Heather)

9. First president-general of The Daughters of the American Revolution.  Died of TB in the White House.  Caroline Harrison (Joy)

10. By the time she was 30 she was an invalid who would be confined to a chair for the rest of her lifeIda McKinley (Heather)

11. Married in the first White House wedding of a President. Frances Cleveland (Em)

12. Met her husband when she was sent to interview him for the Washington Times Herald.  Jackie Kennedy (Susan)

13. 1st First Lady to possess a college degree.  Lucy Hayes (Nise‘)

14. Taught at the Clarke School for the Deaf until she married.  Grace Coolidge (Heather)

15. 1st First Lady to die during her husband’s term in officeLetitia Tyler (Nise’)

16.  She was 30 years her husband’s junior.  Julie Tyler (Heather)

17. Suffered from a heart problem and Meniere’s disease.  Mamie Eisenhower (Heather)

18. Performed in 11 filmsNancy Reagan (Susan)

19. Opened her home to the wounded and the refugees of the Revolutionary War. Abigail Adams (Heather)

20. Transformed a $30,000 radio & tv investment into a $5 million enterprise. Lady Bird Johnson (Linda B)

21. Graduate of Yale Law SchoolHillary Clinton (Susan)

22. Prone to headaches & mood swings. In her later years her son had her institutionalizedMary Lincoln (Linda B)

23. Taught her husband to read & write after they were marriedEliza Johnson (Nise’)

24. Helped arrange widowed President’s social engagements (not her husband).  Dolley Madison (Kate)

25. 1st First Lady who was on her second marriage. Martha Washington (Nise’)

26. served as the President’s personal emissary to Latin American countries.  Rosalyn Carter (Heather)

27. At her request the original walls of the White House were saved for reconstruction.  Elizabeth Truman (Heather)

28. Hosted lavish dinners of 20-30 courses at the White HouseJulia Grant (Kate)

29. Contracted malaria and was away recovering when her husband was shotLucretia Garfield (Nise’)

30. Met & married her husband at 17. Elizabeth Monroe (Kate)

31.  Over her family’s objections she eloped with the future President. Anna Harrison (Heather)

32. When the President suffered 2 strokes she became the official acting presidentEdith Wilson (Linda B)

33. At her instigation the first social secretary was hired, allowing her more time with her family.  Edith Roosevelt (Heather)

34. Abandoned by her first husband she sought a divorce, a bold decision for the time.  Florence Harding (Nise‘)

35. Her religious beliefs put an end to dancing, drinking, and card-playing in the White House.  Sarah Polk (Heather)

36. Was in her 60’s when she moved into the White House and her poor health kept her mainly confined to her roomsMargaret Taylor (Heather)

37. Suffered a stroke 2 months after inauguration, but recovered. Helen Taft (Nise‘)

38. Her son’s dyslexia encouraged her to make literacy a national issue. Barbara Bush (Heather)

Some ladies may fit with more than one, but I think they will only all be chosen once in one way.  Good luck!  Answers to my last quiz here.

18 thoughts on “First Ladies Quiz & Possible Giveaway

  1. Susan says:

    These are mostly guesswork:

    1. Eleanor Roosevelt
    6. Betty Ford
    8. Mary Todd Lincoln
    12. Jackie Kennedy
    18. Nancy Reagan
    19. Dolly Madison
    21. Hillary Rodham clinton
    25. Betty Ford
    29. Mary Todd Lincoln
    30. Rosalyn Carter
    31. Lady Bird Johnson

    You got 5 right!

  2. Linda B says:

    I’m glad you are encouraging guesses. I agree w/ Susan re. numbers 12 and 21. Here are the rest of my guesses. I feel pretty confident about 5 of them.
    1. Eleanor Roosevelt
    5. Pat Nixon
    15. Ellen Wilson
    20. Lady Bird Johnson
    22. Mary Lincoln
    32. Edith Wilson
    34. Rachel Jackson
    38. Rosalynn Carter

    Susan beat you #1, but you got 4 more right! Rachel Jackson was never Lady since she died a few weeks before inaugeration.

  3. Margot says:

    I should know more but I think #34 is Rachel Jackson but I don’t see her name on the list. On the other hand she died before inauguration day.

    Since she died 2 weeks before inauguration she was never First Lady. Good eye though because she did fit this bit of trivia! Go ahead and guess again 🙂

  4. JLS Hall (Joy's Blog) says:

    OK, I really have no need to know this – but I believe the answer to #9 is First Lady Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of Benjamin Harrison. I had an American History teacher who was a member of the DAR, and she talked a lot about Caroline. Mrs. Harrison was interested in women’s issues, and also had electricity installed in the White House. My teacher knew a lot more about her, but that’s what I remember. Oh, and she was only five feet tall! (Mrs. Harrison – not my teacher.)

  5. Nise' says:

    My son just finished a class about the “first ladies” so I may have an unfair advantage as I edited his papers. I hope I remembered correctly.

    4 Abigail Powers Fillmore
    9 Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison
    10 Eliza McCardle Johnson
    13 Lucy Ware Webb Hayes
    15 Letitia Christian Tyler
    or Ellen Louise Axton Wilson
    23 Eliza McCardle Johnson
    25 – Martha Dandridge Custis Washington
    29 Lucretia Rudolph Garfield
    34 Florence Kling Harding
    35 Lucy Ware Webb Hayes
    37 Helen “Nellie” Herron Taft

  6. Heather says:

    16. Julia Tyler
    35. Sarah Polk
    8. Jane Pierce
    10. Ida McKinley
    27. Edith Roosevelt
    14. Grace Coolidge
    26. Rosalynn Carter
    31. Anna Harrison
    38. Barbra Bush
    36. Margaret Taylor
    33. Elizabeth Truman

  7. Heather says:

    This was such a fun quiz! I had fun looking it all up! Thanks, Stacy!

    You just wanted to make sure I gave away the book 🙂 I’ll draw a winner tomorrow. Good luck!

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